1. P

    Raspberry Pi 2/Debian Wheezy Query - IOT

    Dear All, Hi, I am new to Raspberry Pi Programming or Rather python programming. I needed some heads up for the below config on how can i proceed for the configuration. I have a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B configured at my Home and Connected to Internet via 3G Dongle (Tata Docomo). Lets say that i...
  2. rohitshubham

    Identify the Motherboard

    hey, so i opened my MOBO the other day and i coudn't help but notice this thing. can someone tell me what is it? and how to open my cpu's heatsink+fan as i tried to push the side clamps but it never opened.
  3. ramakanta

    Push Messages

    In my Samsung mobile there is option in Message->setting-> Push messages . what is the function of this option. In the sub-menu of this option- Received option : ON/OFF Serivice Loding : Always/ Prompt/Never please help me !!!!
  4. Adhip007

    Ideal temparature of Phenom II X6 1100T

    Hi, What is the ideal Idle/Load Temperature of Phenom II X6 1100T ? For me Speedfan is showing 51C at idle (~ 15% CPU Load). I am using Hyper 212 (in Push & Pull mode). Is it too high? As I know it should be around 45C, correct me if I am wrong. Regards, Adhip
  5. Harsh Pranami

    Need help with chinese ps2 gamepad :mrgreen:

    I have this chinese ps2 gamepad which has two analog sticks. Everything works fine except the right analog stick. When I opened "set up usb game controllers" from run window I found that whenever I push the right analog stick in any direction, it gives the input of 1,2,3,or 4 button depending...
  6. A

    Can SWYPE/Predictive Text/Voice Recognition push Hardware QWERTY to obsolence?

    Now Smartphones have packed lot of ammunition to push out Hardware QWERTY out of the market. of course there nothing comfortable as hardware qwerty but they are taking up space on the gadget. The larger screens of smartphones ofter bigger keys in landscape mode, besides things like SWYPE...
  7. saurabh_1e

    CPU Cooler

    Cpu cooler for 1055T@4.0Ghz 1)Hyper 212 evo-->2k 2)AOC 120ST-->3k 3)AOC 120DT-->4k 4)Venomous X-RT-->2.7k I already have a CM 120mm lying for push pull config. Any idea on relative performance.
  8. M

    Best nvidia gtx 590 card

    Hello guys i wanted your help to narrow my gpu purchase as its the final for my friend pc build as we planning in a week or 10 days max. I found out that instead of going for gtx 580 which is costing me 30+ k arround Plus 2-3k for certain brands espcially with high vram. I finally thought...
  9. avichandana20000

    Push pull connection

    Motherboards are having one CPU FAN connector in general. Then how to connect two fans of HSF for PUSH PULL CONFIG? googlling only shows the picture of HSF hugged by two fans but not how the actual connections are made. PS: I am not going to OC or do anything with this as of now. Its just a...
  10. S

    Blackberry 3G curve or Motorola Defy??

    I have shortlisted the Motorola Defy, for purchase. I also have an option to buy the Blackberry Curve 3G. Are there any solid reasons to go for the Blackberry? I will not have push mail access on my berry though.
  11. Faun

    Health and Fitness Thread V1: 100% Adrenaline

    So i was thinking of creating a thread where I wanted to share my experience and encourage others to do the same for the lulz. I never actually though of joining gym but then to keep myself busy and to forget someone...lol. But then it is one of the best thing ever happened to me (except the...
  12. R

    push email on E51 ???

    i am able to use push email on nokia e51 but only through wifi. i am unable to get it to sync via gprs. is there any setting i am missing. plz lemme know. thx
  13. V

    Split India!!- chinese new mantra!!

    On reading this news whether to laugh are being angry..But the news is not new..Chinese strategy is decade old related with Mao-s thinking...What the present CPM -India is trying to push.. Posted on April 8 on the website iiss.cn (International Institute for Strategic Studies), the article...
  14. L

    What is push email

    Heard about this feature in BlackBerry.Tell me in laymen terms please,
  15. V

    Moon OS land you on Moon !!

    Now a days Listing on the Distrowatch is increasingly became difficult considering Zillion distros out there but DW listed only three hundreds(approx) and another two hundreds put on waitlist..Out of this only Top hundreds ranked in the DW first page..(our own forum member Anurag bhd's Granular...
  16. Dark Star

    My Phenom X3 Overclock

    Ye yea .. Phenom II OC very good .. But until I get it I must exploit my Phenom X3 :p System : AMD Phenom X3 8650 default speed 2.3 ghz Jetway Ha07 790 GX board.. 4 Gb Transcend 800 @ 4-4-4 640 WD AAKS Thermaltake M9 Sunbeam CCF 120mm POV 500W SMPS :) Did a 3+ghz :) Will push more I...
  17. codename_romeo

    POP4 : the warrior problem

    Hey guys I am not able to get past the Warrior in the very first encounter. I know i have to push him to the corner of the fertile land and then i must push him over to get past him. But the problem lies when i take him to the corner and after he seems to begin to fall ( when i am supposed to...
  18. RCuber

    Terminator: Salvation to Be Full of Gritty Mechas, Bikebots

    :o:D:))8-) Via Gizmodo
  19. RaghavKanwal

    Keybaord Nags!

    Hi I have started playing Need for Speed Most Wanted on my PC, but whenever i accelerate(pressing up) and push any button to turn, the acceleration stops... I tried changing the keys to the WASD format but that doesnt work either So i have to accelerate, turn, then push accelerate again...
  20. M

    push to talk... !! whats that....??

    how to use push to talk in nokia phones....??
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