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  1. S

    Pulsar 200ns RPM problem!!!Help needed.

    Hi, i have a pulsar 200ns. one day while parking my bike fell down on its right side in a wet mud covered land.. i didn't observe any damage to the bike as it was a extremely soft and thick mud. then after coming home i did a water service to clean the bike... now the RPM meter is going up and...
  2. Samarth 619

    MY experience of modifying a Pulsar 180 to 208cc and many other modifications.

    Guys, I was sent a PM by a member regarding modifying a Pulsar 180 UG3. I by mistake, wrote a full letter on it. :D So, just to share the knowledge, let me post a copy of it here, for everyone's benefit. I request you to go through it if you think it might help. Brother, as of now, I...
  3. R

    Need BIKE Recommendation

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a bike. I'm choosing to buy it using EMI. I can pay upto 20k in advance. My preffred model is Pulsar 220/200 or (any CC bike from Pulsar series). I'm a novice in bike riding. Is this bike suits my need since I'm just a beginner. Many of friends are asking me not to...
  4. R

    [Want to Buy] Bike Recommendation

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a bike. I'm choosing to buy it using EMI. I can pay upto 20k in advance. My preffred model is Pulsar 220/200 or (any CC bike from Pulsar series). I'm a novice in bike riding. Is this bike suits my need since I'm just a beginner. Many of friends are asking me not...
  5. Lalit Kishore

    120mm wide rear tyre on Pulsar 135 LS?

    Pulsar 135 LS comes with rear stock tyre MRF Zapper C 100/90 17". Would it be ok to fit a 120/80 17" on it?? Brand suggestions as well please..
  6. A

    Discover 125 ST VS Pulsar 135 LS

    Guys first sorry if i post this in the wrong section ! I want to buy a new bike on first week of jan 13. My budget is 60-65 Max. I ride on NH about 80Km daily. I want a 125-135cc bike with good handling comfort and mileage. I have shortlisted two bikes from bajaj Discover 125 ST and Pulsar 135...
  7. bubusam13

    How to Tune Engine of Pulsar

    Hi Guys, someone using Bajaj Pulsar, can you guide me how to tune the engine of Bajaj Pulsar bikes. Pls don't ask to visit service center. They ruined my bike. I am ready to take the risk of tuning myself. Just guide me how to do.
  8. H

    I can has bike?

    No essays here, have 1.3L, primary choices are RE Thunderbird, KTM Duke, Pulsar 200NS. Shoot them comments :-D
  9. R

    Bike with good mileage for daily use

    Hello, I want to buy a bike with a good mileage. I stay in Dombivili and work at Vashi. So total up and down distance is 50 km. The total journey is on highway. My requirements are: 1. Bike with a good mileage. 2. Bike with a good/decent look. I did some research and friends suggested...
  10. N

    New Bajaj Pulsar 200NS.

    Bajaj launched the all new Pulsar 200NS just a few days ago. This much awaited addition in the pulsars, comes with a 200CC engine and a 6-Speed gearbox. And for the first time in the world they have introduced "Triple Spark" tehcnology in this bike after the DTSI. Specs include a BHP of 23.5 and...
  11. IronCruz

    Bike Advice

    I'm planning to buy a motor bike. My requirements are sporty look and performance,good mileage. 150cc is must. TVS APACHE RTR 160 HYPER EDGE is my choice. I want to know about it's Maintenance cost. I don't want pulsar. Can you tell me how is Yamaha FZS and FZ16?
  12. H

    New Bajaj Pulsar 135LS launched

    Bajaj Auto has launched the new Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS on 9th, December, 2009. This recently launched bike reaches a top speed of 115 km/hr. The price of this new Pulsar is 51,000 ex-showroom (Delhi). This one is a 135cc light sports motorcycle. More info...
  13. rajivrocks

    Help finding me the Pulsar "I am the Man" Advertisement original track

    What is Bajaj Pulsar Pulsar "I am the Man" Advertisement original song? From few days i was searching for the original sound track of bajaj pulsar 220 advertisement i liked the track very much after rigorous search i was still not able to find the original track expect its lyrics "I'm the...
  14. C

    Pulsar 150cc Mileage issues.

    I have a Pulsar 150cc UG3(version 3) Purchased on: Jan 2007 Fuel used: unleaded petrol from Indian Oil. Initially i got a mileage of 50 to 55 with careful driving. Used to get a mileage of about 45 when i used to drive at a max speed of 50kmph:oops: while i remained within 4000rpm in all 5...
  15. C

    Should I purchase TVS apache or Pulsar 150??

    Hi guys , I here that TVS apche has problem of vobration also its handle is not comfortable... and backseat also not comfortable has problem of gear shifting also.. wht u guys think should I go for TVS apache or Pulsar 150.. !!
  16. F

    Best bike for tall people

    Hi All, I am a 6ft tall guy looking to buy a bike. Can anyone suggest a bike which would suit me. I have ridden pulsar and felt it was too low. wat say guys...?
  17. esumitkumar

    [FS] Bajaj 180 CC Pulsar DTSi 2 yrs old

    Hi I am selling my two years old Bajaj Pulsar DTSi 180 cc all Black ! Date of Purchase : Oct 2006 Odometer reading : 11972kms Reason for selling : Commuting by car Expected Price : 45000/- (Non Negotiable) Registered at : Gurgaon (HR26), Haryana Delhi/NCR buyers...
  18. praka123

    I got a Pulsar DTS-i 180cc

    Hai , after 6.5 years with suzuki fiero , I sold the piece .:( .the problem is ,fiero get knocking with me in hills(btw ,I am 105Kgs now :(:( ) .then today ,I got this 7/2006 Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i 180cc for Rs 36,500/- at exactly 6:30PM .I dont know if it is loss or profit. for me ,mileage shown by...
  19. C

    CBZ Extreme or Pulsar 180?

    HI I am planning to purchase a bike but I am confused between CBZ Extreme and Pulsar 180. Could u please help me to choose one out of these 2? I m not aware of their millage and whatnot. I like both their looks but there are other things i need to consider like...
  20. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Which 150CC bike ??

    I wanted to buy a bike in the range of 65k !! how is Apache RTR ? does it have resale value as that of pulsar ? coz i will mostly sell the bike after 2-3 years mostly ...!! mostly will go for a black pulsar 150cc dtsi !! :) any suggestion and idea guys ? i am total biking newb .. LOL
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