1. Saptarshi5683

    Can't Root Honor 6

    Guys, from the past few months I have continuously been trying to jailbreak my Huawei Honor 6 but failed everytime. The reason could be that they were not providing the bootloader code as I had received it as a gift from them after its release and had not paid for it. Can anyone give a way to...
  2. I

    Please suggest FUP-Less ISP in Delhi

    Hi all, I live in west Delhi(near moti nagar) and my current local ISP is closing their service down this month. As a result, I need to switch to another one. I am currently on a 1Mbps FUP-less plan for Rs1300/month and am looking for the same or a better deal at a maximum of Rs1500 per...
  3. G

    Why this samsung note 3 is cheap?

    Hello, to all of you. In my city, there is a person, who has a very big stock of Note 3 that is N9005-32 GB LTE, its snapdragon version, and its box packed and even he is providing the one year seller warranty with the price is just Rs.36000, and I contacted him, he told me that the note 3 is...
  4. ajayashish

    Using Monitor and Speakers in US

    Hi, I am moving to US and would like to know if my monitor and speakers which I bought in India will work on US. I think there are voltage and frequency differences and would like to have your suggestion. They are pretty new and since my company will be providing me free shipment, I have...
  5. G

    Which one is better for Gaming

    which one should I choose the lenovo G500s 59388254 which is providing i5 3230 , 8 GB RAM , 2GB Nvidia GT 720M or the lenovo Z500 59380480 which is providing i5 3230 , 4 GB RAM , 1GB Nvidia GT 740M Both are slim and are having good spec but the Z500 cost 47,990 and the G500s cost 44,990
  6. N

    UPS problem?

    Hello friends After a lots of advice and discussion in this forum, I finally got my PC, thanks to you all. Now when I was watching a video, the current went off and the PC restarted. What seems to be the problem? Does my old UPS(3 years) is not providing enough power for back...
  7. M

    How can we connect a serial DCE cable to a router?

    I had been doing it on cisco packet tracer. I am using a 2811 router and used NM-2E2W as an extra port in the router providing two WIC slots. But at the time of connection of serial DCE link there is no connection path showing.
  8. vipul619

    New Player in the Mobile Market : Lenovo

    That's right, Lenovo has decided to step into the Indian Mobile Market with a range of smartphones all Android powered from 6500-28999/- You can read the details about them here - Lenovo Smartphones The offerings that Lenovo is providing will be very hard on Micromax & Karbonn, since Lenovo...
  9. R

    HP 4530 Probook Review

    Hi frnds... can you please help me in providing a complete insight on the laptop before purchasing it.
  10. R

    Why Piracy is not decreasing???

    We all know what piracy is and it's effect. Everyone is trying to reduce it. But what Microsoft does is that desktop turns black and a message comes at bottom left corner of desktop that Windows is not Genuine. They are even providing Updates for Windows, Office and others via Windows Update...
  11. Cilus

    AMD's new budget card: HD 6670-exceptional performance in budget

    AMD has officially released their new flagship of budget cards, namely HD 6570 and HD 6670. The most interesting product is HD 6670. available @ $90, it is providing performance just below GTS 450. in Metro 2033, at full HD resolution with 4X AF and no AA it is providing over 30 fps which is...
  12. A

    how is Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions - New Delhi

    hey guy i wana do some short and basic level ethical hacking course from delhi ...on surfing the net i came across this institution who is charging 10 k for 50 hr training...what do you think about it * or else plz suggest me similar kind of institute who are providing the...
  13. D

    everyone's opinion welcome

    I want to know everyones opinion about : what are the social changes took place because of web 2.0 . :???: web 1.0 : through webpage only providing information web 2.0 : interactive web pages like blogging , social networking , video-file sharing etc
  14. soumya

    Windows 7 RTM - build 7600

    Wzor is reporting that Windows 7 will RTM at build 7600. Released to manufacturing follows weeks of rumour and speculation on when Microsoft would unveil that it has finished Windows 7. 7.7600.16384.090710-1945 is the potential final build number and we're still expecting the company to...
  15. krishnandu.sarkar


    I want 2 host a webpage in my own computer. I came across XAMPP. So can ny1 help me by providing a brief tutorial about how to use it??? And wat is Joomla?? Wat it is used for???
  16. C


    Yay!!!! Atlast. I was in a bloody mess with institutes providing diploma's and not good colleges providing degress for animation. so yay!. Atlast a degree in animation. The best part is you get to study at home. Happy is me. :D It is MAAC+IGNOU collaboration...
  17. A

    Price of DVI cable

    Hi, I have XFX 8600 GT graphic Card. I need to purchased Sumsung T190, which have DVI port and they r not providing DVI cable. Can anyone tell me the price of the DVI cable..
  18. Plasma_Snake

    Laptop GPU help

    Out of the 2, which one is better, Intel 4500MHD or ATi HD3450? Which one would be able to handle COD4 at the res of 1280x800, providing good frame rates too? :-?
  19. Charley

    Accredited Registrars providing direct access to Registry

    Are there any ones that provide access to the registry ?
  20. Worried From Bugs

    Shocked!! They providing Free Domain Name for Blogs

    Free Domain Name for Blogs! I have found a Site, that is providing FREE premium domain name for Blogs. See this page: * :-o
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