1. KDroid

    Online Shopping Preference Survey for Project

    * Please take the Survey. I want about 10-15 responses for my Entrepreneurship project by today. Thank You. :)
  2. crazylamhe

    Linux From Scratch As A Final Year Project

    Hi guyz, I was wondering if I would choose LFS to be my final year project. I am utterly confused, as in some forums, I have read that LFS is too dumb to get counted as a final year project. If that's so, please suggest me some ideas that seem challenging enough. I am open to all ideas and want...
  3. doomgiver

    Idea for Computer graphics project (4th year, non-major)

    Im thinking of doing a comparision of the water-scene rendering techniques of the current game engines, and find a way to improve upon it. what do you guys say? can it be done by a single guy? in 1-2 months? nothing major, just a small project. Or do you guys have some other ideas that can be...
  4. V

    Project Based on Cloud Computing

    Hello, I've taken up a project based on Cloud Computing.. We basically have to design a system on a platform such as C#, .NET and host it on the cloud. We plan to use an eCommerce website to show the working. The idea of the project is to study how the Cloud works and what design considerations...
  5. IronCruz

    Android Application

    I need help regarding an android application on COLLEGE. I'm developing an app for my college as my engineering final year project. The app will be similar to THIS. But I'm not able to explain my project coordinator, that how this app is useful than official college website? Can you please tell...
  6. IronCruz

    Cloud Computing Project!

    Hello. I'm in deep trouble regarding my final year project. Recent technology in CSE is all about Cloud Computing. I Googled and read in Wikipedia. But I'm still not clear about IAAS and PAAS. I want to know what is this "CLOUD COMPUTING" in simple English. And can anybody tell me some project...
  7. toad_frog09

    Final Year Project Help

    The following thread was made because I needed some (read: huge) assistance in our final year project research. So apart from answering my queries, any sort of contribution, may it be name of other tech related forums or websites, notes or papers, or any sort of information you come across from...
  8. P

    ICT project of corporate infocom pvt ltd India

    Recently heard of this ICT project by this it really worth it??? someone who knows about it please reply.
  9. ankit.kumar010203

    A Pakistani engineer has built a car that runs on water..!

    Breaking news---
  10. IronCruz

    Need help regarding final year project

    i am in final year computer engg. and i have upcoming final year project to make and i have no idea what i can make it on. Please help me with some of your ideas and the project you did work on. Please give me a idea like what sort of projects can be done.
  11. NoasArcAngel

    Linaro project for Android

    We all know that the current version of Google’s Android operating system is already really speedy in comparison to the previous OS updates. But if a post by Odroids is to be believed, then it could be a 100 percent faster with an Android build called Linaro that is a joint project between...
  12. thetechfreak

    Details, Screenshot of Limbo Follow-up Emerge

    Source- "Project 2"- Limbo Follow-up details emerge| IGN
  13. iamharish15

    Needed Android Project Ideas Urgently

    I've started programming in Android SDK for the last few days and I want to submit an Android project as the major project in my college. So I need help regarding new ideas for the project. I am just a beginner in Android programming so I would also want more help ... So, can anyone help me...
  14. CommanderShawnzer

    GAMING TABLET : Razer Project Fiona

    Razer Project Fiona A gaming tablet at last :grin: :razz: :grin: CPU :intel core i7 screen : 10.1 inch,1280x800 sound : Dolby 7.1 connectivity : wi-fi,bluetooth other features :accelerometer, magnetometer and a 3-axis gyro, controllers with force-feedback OS : Windows 8(rumored) Site...
  15. guru_urug

    PelicanHPC Project

    I have to do a project on high performance computing, using clusters. Im thinking of using PelicanHPC. Theres an article in one of the previous issues of DiGit about this Linux distro which is something like ParallelKnoppix. Can anyone give me some ideas of what I could do in Pelican to make a...
  16. The Conqueror

    Need your feedback - School Project

    Hi, This is a part of my school Biology Project, and I ask for your humble cooperation, if possible. The topic for my project is "Analysis of Sleeping Habits and Patterns for different age groups". I need your opinions for the same. Please fill up the short survey: The link for the survey is ...
  17. V

    Help my final year project

    Hi! I am doing my final year in the department of Information Technology. Unfortunately i was forced to do this project but I have no idea what it is about. The project concept: For example, consider X college is conducting a symposium in 2009. It has a website which details the competition...
  18. bijay_ps

    help in starting movie ticket project

    Hello friends!! I want to develop a online movie ticket project using either c or c++ language. But I am a bit confused that from where should I start. I mean on which platform. For general coding purpose I have always used either GCC or Turbo C compiler. And I don't knw database connectivity...
  19. C

    Looking for developers to help in free and opensource project

    Hello, I am not sure if this is allowed or not – if this post is against any Rules i apologize in advance and this post can be removed. I am in the process of creating a open-source project to track the Psychological Mood of a person, this application will be used by people visiting...
  20. criztle

    A good project that everyone can make

    this is a bio/biotech/electronics project that everyone can make samsungmobilemoments's Channel - YouTube and if u like this idea then plz click "VOTE" here
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