1. amjath

    Cyanogenmod Inc.

    Introducing Cyanogen Inc., a company fully dedicated to the development of CyanogenMod (& a new user-friendly installer) Introducing Cyanogen Inc., a company fully dedicated to the development of CyanogenMod (& a new user-friendly installer) In about 24 hours of the announcement, this happened...
  2. R

    need help in vb 6 programming

    so there is this school project i am developing i made a mistake and started and completed all the form in vb 10. and then my teacher told me that i require to redo the project in vb6, so i was wondering if there is any way to copy all the forms from vb 10 to vb 6 as it is
  3. roypurohit

    Gujarat to cover Narmada canals with solar panels...!

    Close on heels of commencing use of wastelands in northern districts and rooftops in towns and cities, Gujarat is set to potentially use the existing 19,000 km-long network of Narmada canals across the State for setting up solar panels to generate power. The Chief Minister, Mr Narendra Modi...
  4. r4gs

    Calling all devs..... Digit needs you!

    Hi, Anyone here with experience in web development and PHP, etc. who has some time and wants to help us out with a "secret" project? If you're interested, please PM me or Raaabo with details regarding your experience.
  5. Theodre

    Fuduntu Linux is dead, bulk of team moves to Cloverleaf Linux project!!

    The fuduntu linux which was forked from fedora is Officially dicontinued or Dead!! The developers were planning on this move for a long time ago and they were to stop the Fuduntu linux after one last update Fuduntu 2013.2. But before a few days, it seems that the developers have already Moved to...
  6. harshilsharma63

    Need inspiration/motivation to start working on project

    Hi, I currently have a build a project in C++ for 4th sem CASE lab. I've decided to make an application regarding quiz. The user would select the subjects of his/her choice adn enter a time period. Questions will then randomly come oit in that time interval. Now, this is not a very interesting...
  7. anon232

    REST + Oracle

    I'm developing a project to allow various android devices to share data via a database. So I'm making the server side component with REST by following this tutorial * Now i want to know how do i integrate a oracle database...
  8. V

    Help for Research Project - Google Form

    Hi friends, In one of my subjects of my MBA course I have been asked to carry out a research project on subject of my choice. I have chosen subject of 'Study of consumer buying behavior with respect to smart phones'. Being a techie I chose to post it here and get views of other techies out...
  9. nikhilsharma007nikx

    water cooling questions

    i m thinking about starting a new project in my next session holiday after my 9th exams are over so guys few question for you .... and yes the project will be of modding the old i ball cabby and a comletely home made watercooling system for my old pc (pentium D @3.4ghz ) .. 1. is this pump good...
  10. harshilsharma63

    Need project ideas

    Some unique project Hi, I'm currently pursuing bachelors in CS, in 4th semester. I have to create a project in C++. Now, the problem is that I cannot think of something useful, something people could use after it's completion. So, can someone suggest some stuff / application for the purpose...
  11. S

    Project/Paper Suggestions, CSE 4th Semester

    Hey guys! Looks like most of you are working professionals with vast knowledge. I'm in CSE 2nd year and have 2.5 months of summer holidays. Planning for an internship but IF I don't get one I needed suggestions for some projects for practice and experience. OR a research paper(I have no...
  12. gdebojyoti

    How to build a fly bot?

    Hello everyone. I want to build a flying robot for my final year project next year. I have experience with building basic robots (line followers, candle blowers, dtmf, etc). From what I understand, the concept is very simple. 4 rotors at 4 sides. Perfectly balanced to keep the whole...

    help regarding a java project

    hey im planning to do a ieee project in java.the project title is Packet Hiding Methods for Preventing Selective Jamming Attack i have never done such projects before.and i have no idea where to start.i do have good knowledge in core java n swing. but dnt knw where to start.can any one help...
  14. F

    Need Some C project topic and Source code

    Dear Friends. i need some Project topics as well source code that done in C language.please help as soon as possible........
  15. warfreak

    nVidia's Project SHIELD

    Portable Handheld PC Gaming | NVIDIA Project Shield Quadcore Cortex A15 running @ 1.9 Ghz and a "72" core Nvidia Tegra 4 GPU... :shock: Any daydream I had of getting a PSVita had been bludgeoned to death by this beast. Srry if this has already been posted here..
  16. F

    Software Project Suggestions needed

    I am in 6th Semester of B.Tech(IT). I have to make a small scale project. Please suggest some good topics
  17. S

    Engineering project!!

    Hello everyone... I am currently pursuing engineering in Comp Sci. and would like to take ideas for doing a project... I also have a classmate from Electronics who would be my partner. I would be very grateful if you can give us a few ideas on some new and upcoming topics where we can do a project??
  18. NoasArcAngel

    Internet Subscriber Base Not In Line With Targets : Kapil Sibal

    Internet subscriber base in country not in line with govt targets: Sibal The real question is that with internet censorship on rise can this be tamed. And the congress is only interested in making more money, now they want to connect rural areas with optical fibre... sheesh another scam in...
  19. Flash

    Project A119 : US planned to nuke the MOON

    Source: Project A119, or how the U.S. nearly 'blew up' the moon - National Technology |
  20. KDroid

    Railways Shuts Down IIT Kanpur’s Rs 100 Crore Simran Project

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