1. Cyberghost

    The Avengers Project

    Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix announced today a multi-year, multi-game partnership, leading with the reveal of The Avengers project. This newly established partnership pairs the creative minds at Marvel and Square Enix for one of the most powerful alliances in interactive entertainment...
  2. sam9s

    sam9s Raspberry Pi Project! powered by Amazon Echo, A.K.A Alexa.

    Hi Friends, Sharing with you another Project that I did on Raspberry Pi this weekend, don't worry, this time, I am not going to write a long guide that most of you find intimidating. :D, but would just share what I did this time with Rpi. Ofcourse those who are interested can anytime ask post...
  3. B

    Tally's Data folder not opening

    Hi Friends, I have to complete a project. It requires me to analyze some data from Tally. I have Tally 9.0. When I select the destination folder, Tally doesn't show the companies. The timeframe that I have to complete the project is very little. Kindly help...
  4. B

    Machine Learning

    Hey! I'm currently searching for ideas for my final year project and I want to use machine learning in my project. I've almost completed a course from Coursera, and I haven't been able to gain much from it. Can any suggest me any good tutorials?
  5. A

    Help for my project on Light Fidelity

    I am a 15 year old student in tenth grade, from India. I have been trying to make a project on Light Fidelity for a science event in my school. I decided to start simple, and transmitted the audio signal from a pocket radio to a mono speaker. This is how I did it. I connected a stereo jack...
  6. P

    Bar LCD's or Stretched LCD's or Ultra Wide Stretched Bar LCD's

    Does any one know of any Distributor or Place in india where i can get Stretched bar LCD's preferably 37" to 50". I am currently working on a project where i need this. Thank you very much.
  7. Cyberghost

    PICTURES: NASA Releases 8,400 Hi-resolution Images of Apollo Moon Missions

    NASA has released 8400 hi-resolution images of iconic Apollo Moon Missions on Flicker. NASA made available every photo taken by astronauts on Apollo Moon Missions on the project Apollo Archive‘s Flickr account, the collection contains original NASA photo scans. The Apollo astronauts took...
  8. Cyberghost

    Shenmue III

    Shenmue 3 is the true sequel to the classic open world action RPG games, Shenmue and Shenmue 2. Created for modern platforms (PC and PlayStation 4) and built in Unreal 4, Shenmue 3 will continue the legacy of Shenmue. Shenmue 3 will have familiar elements from its predecessors and new fight...
  9. Cyberghost

    Project Cars 2

    Developer: Slightly Mad Studios Platforms: Windows PC, Steam OS, Xbox One, PS4 Crowd Funding Link: Project Cars 2 Project Cars 2 has been announced and it already has a crowdfunding campaign set up on its WMD Portal platform. Developer Slightly Mad Studios noted that it will still...
  10. Shah

    [Freelancing] Got cheated by the client

    Hello, digitians I am a student pursuing B.E. CSE and I work as a freelance programmer and web developer in my free time. My parent's don't know about me working as a freelancer and I just donate the money I earn to charity or I spend it on some of my other hobbies. This post is about how I...
  11. P

    Project CARS Where to Buy?

    Hi guys i would like to know if anywhere project cars is on pre order Anywhere except for as it is showing realese date as 20 may which is 2 weeks after launch! Plus will the game price go down (its made my an indie devloper) after a few months?
  12. Desmond

    Google launches its own mobile network for Nexus 6 owners

    It's called Project Fi. Only available in the US for now...duh! Source: Google launches its own mobile network for Nexus 6 owners | The Verge
  13. RBX

    Project Partners

    I'm looking for people interested in partnering with me for a project. My main aim is to add a project to my resume. Secondary aims include: Learn some teamwork (all my previous projects have been 1 man projects). Learn use of github, sourceforge and the like for versioning, collaboration...
  14. Vyom

    Microsoft Announced Project HoloLens

    How this doesn't have a thread yet! Project HoloLens Hands-On With Microsoft’s Holographic Goggles Read the article: Project HoloLens: Our Exclusive Hands-On With Microsoft's Holographic Goggles | WIRED Watch this vid: So Microsoft's...
  15. T

    Android PC suite for Linux as final year project

    Hello digitians, This is my last semester of B.Tech degree and although its not final but I've been thinking of building a Android PC suite for Linux as my final year project. This I've figured that it must use adb or fastboot to communicate to android. The UI will be build using pyqt. My...
  16. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Andhra Pradesh government plans 15 Mbps broadband service at Rs 150/month

    NEW DELHI: Andhra Pradesh government, led by tech-savvy Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, plans to provide broadband connections with peak speed of 15 Mbps to twelve million households for as low as Rs 150/month in the first stage of its about Rs 5,000-crore optical fibre project. The state...
  17. H

    Smartmenuxp.ocx does NOT run in my vb6 program on windows 8

    Hi, I had developed project with smartmenuxp.ocx & VB6 which runs perfectly on Windows XP & Windows 7. But when I try to run same project on Windows 8 then Menus not working properly, infect Menus wont opens at all. I tried to search it over net but link has down. Please...
  18. D

    Project for computer science engineering

    I am just promoted to 3rd year in CSE and I have to submit a project to college within 10 days. I have not done any training/internship in this summer so does anyone of you have any projects or any source from where i can get a project in Java/PHP or any other language which would be...
  19. rickenjus

    netbean error

    I'm trying to run a html5 project on netbeans But getting this error each time - "Port value out of range:65536" I tried changing browser and native webkit but no luck, problem still persists.. I also tried running demo project but result is same. any solution..???
  20. vickybat

    Project CARS

    Has anyone ever thought , an indie developer can challenge the high profiled ones? In the past we've seen indie devs showcasing their impressive talents with innovative concepts. Games like Journey, simply are a work of art and goes head to head with AAA titles for the top spot. But now comes a...
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