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  1. A

    Graphic Card Upgrade

    hi i have Zotac 9400 GT i need to upgrade it. Here is my PC Config: Proc : Intel dual core E5400 2.70 GHZ ram : 4 GB DDR2 Mobo: Gigabyte G31 ES2L psu : Gigabyte 550 Monitor : Dell 24" 1980 X 1080 res OS: Windows 7 Ultimate please help me choose the best budget Graphic card under 6000/-INR and...
  2. T

    Stuck with broken processor, HELP.

    Guys, Mobo : Biostat TA790GX 128M AM2+ Proc : AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE The above mentioned proc accidentally got broken. I live in chennai. I went to Ritchie street to buy another compatible proc, found out the procs are not available in stores since they were outdated. Even second-hand...
  3. B

    confused in hp or dell

    i wanna buy a laptop woth the budget of 40k +- 5k.. so far my options are 1. Dell Inspiron 15R - 5110 Proc: i5-2410M 4GB RAM 500 GB HD 15.6" monitor NVIDEA GEForce GT525 ddr3 graphics - with 1GB 2. HP Pavillion DV6 - 6115TX Proc: i5-2410M 4GB RAM 750 GB HD 15.6"...
  4. ghantaukay

    Help BSOD

    I am assembling a pc.I have win7 in one of my hdd.when i try to boot the system crashes.BSOD strikes.When I checked the BIOS I see the CPU temperature at a high level.When I installed the processor I saw a thin smear of thermal paste on it so I didnt think it necessary to add any more.I checked...
  5. ankushkool

    Dell Studio 17 just shuts down! Need help!

    I noticed that the temp for reached maximum 80 in normal use and the laptop just shuts down! have attached the screenshots from HW monitor. I opened the laptop removed the dust still the same! i noticed that the thermal paste on proc was quite less!!! one more thing the fan that is near the...
  6. U

    Gaming Rig Under 50K

    Please Suggest Me a Gaming Rig under Rs. 50,000. Please Include an ATi 6000 Series Graphic Card and an AMD 6 Core Proc. Also include a PSU. -Abhishek Biswal UrbanGeek Twitter- @UrbGeek
  7. george101

    Core i7/i5 Processor + Motherboard (usb3 + Sata 6Gbps)

    am looking to upgrade my proc + mobo. my budget is 20000. i need a i7/i5 with 4 cores and a good mobo. i will also be buying an hd5850 and 2x2gb ddr3. i have bought coolermaster HAF 922 cabinet and corsair hx650w psu yesterday :) so please suggest a good proc + mobo within 20000 for a great...
  8. T

    AMD / intel - best VFM???

    need 2 systems.... needs... 1. ddr3 + raid 5 + dual gbps lan or 2 pci slots. mobo + proc = 12000 budget. 2. ddr2 + gbps lan mobo + proc = 7000-8000 budget needed best vfm for both.. thanx angel
  9. A

    New system proc mobo graphic card ram

    Hello friends I've a celeron 2.8ghz gigabyte 945 chipset motherboard 1gb ddr2 667 ram and msi 7300gs gc. I want to buy new system from amd so which proc, mobo, gpu, ram(2gb) come under 10k and 15k(friends). It shoud be good for gaming also and can run linux, windows 7 etc. smoothly. So pls...
  10. manistar

    Please suggest a Desktop Upgrade

    Hi Friends, Below is my desktop configuration which i bought before 1.5 yrs AMD2 4400+ ASUS M2A-VM 250GB + 1 TB Hardisk Transcend (1+1) GB RAM i m planing to use Vista Ultimate and planning to buy >21 inch LCD i dont game much.. Going for upgrade only for HD movies and Speed up my...
  11. Nithu

    Please HELP!!! Should i change my MoBo???

    Hai friends... After working with my new PC for one month. i started to hate my motherboard. i found lots minus points. (u can see my config in signature) Some of the very BAD:mad: minus points are like....it does not support PCIe 2.0 (i really need this one), it has only 2 RAM slots working...
  12. T

    Expert Advice Required

    What is the performance difference between ram DDR2 667mhz and DDr2 800mhz ??? How much is the performance difference between PM45 mobo and PM965 mobo ??? Which is a better configuration performance wise? P7350 proc +PM45 mobo +3 gb RAM 800 mhz or T8100 proc +PM965 mobo + 3 gb RAM(667 mhz) ? Is...
  13. A

    Cpu And Motherbord Intel Or Amd

    Hello friends, I want to buy new processor and mobo which should I buy. Pls tell me price of mobo and proc of under 6k. Tell me the amd proc which are equal to intel dual core 1.8 2.0 ghz and c2d 2.2 and 2.4 ghz which sholud be under 3.5k. And mother board for both processor intel and...
  14. T

    Loud CPU fan noise

    Hi, When I am starting my PC, I get a very loud buzzing sound from my processor fan. This goes away after 10-15 mins. Is there a problem? Can I buy a proc fan separately and replave the one that came from Intel? Thanks, TL
  15. R

    Good Overclocking Motherboard

    Hi Digit PPL ... Can any one suggest me a good overclockink motheboard within 7-8K pls ???? I want to OC my proc e4500 ....
  16. Rahim

    Help Me to Edit FSTAB File

    Bought 300 GB IDE and created 3 Partitions: /dev/sdb1 ext3 /dev/sdb2 ext3 /dev/sdb3 vfat Here is my fstab file But whenever i try to copy to sdb1/2/3 it sayd "You DOnt Have The Permission to write to the destination". So how can i edit the parameters to anble me to...
  17. Jags

    What if the PC is not well grounded/earthed..

    Hi guys :) My friend bought a second hand PC around 3months back..and there is no earthing in any of the electrical point at her home. so any idea on how bad it can get? Is it going to affect the internal devices (hdd, proc, mobo etc.) ? and any problem if she connects a pendrive ...
  18. M

    motherboard for p4 1.8 ghz???

    is there any mobo with a pcie slot supporting p4 1.8 ghz proc.??
  19. abhi_10_20

    Windows partitions not showing...:((

    Yet another problem with ubuntu:sad: my ntfs partitions are not showing..... my fstatb file... # /etc/fstab: static file system information. # # -- This file has been automaticly generated by ntfs-config -- # # <file system> <mount point> <type> <options> <dump> <pass> proc /proc...
  20. alsiladka

    Planning a New machine (just cpu + MB) - AMD?

    Could not fit in the question in topic title, so here it is. I am finally getting myself a new desktop, but only buying a new CPU + MB + RAM. My budget shall be 20K at max!! I recently assembled an AMD X2 4800 on a ASUS P5 ( dont remember the exact model no) for my dad. It gave a pretty...
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