1. MegaMind

    Is this monitor problem?

    Blue lines are occuring in my bro's Dell ST2010 monitor occasionally... I've tried connecting to my PC too, but the same prob... Is it monitor prob?? It happens like this..
  2. 1

    BlueScreen Error

    Hey everyone. Sometimes when i run some games my computer restarts. For example my comp runs PES 6 with full graphics without any prob. But when i run Fifa 06/ Fifa 05 my comp restarts whenever i start the game. It is the same with NFS carbon and MW. They work with Details level 3(smoothly)...
  3. pulkitpopli2004

    PC - boot up prob

    hello frndz i dont what has happened to my new Rig.. jst after 5-6 days it come up with a prob in which it does boot in one go.. i need to press power on button 4-5 times,,, or sometimes more than that too.. whenever i press on led blinks present on cabinet and jst after a second it goes...
  4. clerkman1612

    How I overclock this graphic Card?

    I have MSI HD 5770 1 GB GDDR5 Graphic Card:grin:. Its have MSI Afterburner software.I m posting it original print. Core Voltage(Mv) Core Clock(Mhz) 875 Shader Clock(Mhz) Memory Clock(Mhz) Max 1200 Fan Speed(%) Auto Min - Max (35) Plz explain me the corect setting for it coz I have a...
  5. Arnab boss

    help system restarts up frequently...

    hi guys..,i am using windows 7 ultimate and facing the same problem till now is the blue screen.:-?:-?:-? while working or net surfing or playing games a blue scree appears with something written and suddenly the system shuts down and again restarts...then after restart a page is shown that...
  6. Sooraj_digit

    Cant save any webpage!!!!

    hi guys i m using IE9 Beta but the prob is that none of the webpage could be saved. Actuallly earlier there wasnt any prob all the pages used to be saved in MHTML format.... but now i couldnt save any page in any format it gives up the error msg as "This webpage could not be saved". I dont...
  7. phuchungbhutia

    suggest laptop at rs 25-30k

    need laptop for my sister for 25k to 30k. intel mobo have read bad reviews of amd heat prob. atleast 2 gb ram. dvd writer n 15 inch preferably.
  8. ankushkool

    Desktop not booting up! need help!

    A friend of mine is facing this prob... When he powers on his PC power is supplied to all de components... PSU fan starts, CPU fan starts, HDD starts... no beeps but nothing happens. Nothing on screen. Checked all de cables. I dont think it can be a RAM or PSU prob. What can be wrong? please...
  9. S

    pc with no budget

    my friend her is a serious gamer and wants to build a new gaming rig with no limitations of budget...he has kept aside about 200k:shock: for this PC....he has relatives in US so getting parts will not be a prob....kindly suggest a config that can kill all games and be future proof for at least...
  10. phuchungbhutia

    Urgent help pl. Pc doesnt start.

    I had used my wife's pc last night n today it wont start. Its powering ie light is blinking but nothing happens. Plus it wont even eject dvd drive though light blinks there too. So help me before my wife strangles me lol :) Its quite serious prob 4 me pl help if anyone has faced similar prob...
  11. prankie

    System doesn't Resume!

    Hi, I recently bought a system havin config: AMD Phenom II X2 550BE, AsRock M3A785GXH/128M Motherboard 2GB Kingston DDR3 1333Mhz Ram, 500GB Seagate HDD The prob is that whenever I send the sytem on sleep state, it fails to resume. The computer goes to sleep, then the power LED starts...
  12. A

    usb driver problm..plz help

    hiii guys.. plz help me...i am in big prob...becoz ma windows sp3 cant take usb drive automatically, tryd many solution..nd lot f ways to fix it bt no use..wen evr i plugd ma drive widows begin to start searchg 4 d drivers nd cant find anywere..wht i can do....2dys befor it work normally nd...
  13. S

    Please help

    Recently one of my clients PC has got struck in a strange problem. After booting up first time, refreshing it hangs every thing. And then the reset switch has to be pressed and its all right. Cant figure out the prob as there are no error messages. event log is also alright. Please help as I...
  14. S

    need suggestion in ATI Radeon HD 4000 Graphics Family

    dear guys, i want to buy ati radeon gpu in HD4000 series but i don't deiced which model better, can anybody tell me which model should be better , i mean stable, non overheating, non flickering problem,non engine speed prob, no driver prob. i cant choose pls help as soon as...
  15. prabhu.wali

    lite off

    i m using a moser baer writer,i tried burning a dual layer dvd from the same make but encountered a power caliberation error:cry:wot could be the prob??????
  16. digit i am thinking

    USB mouse not working

    My desktop pc has a usb mouse. This mouse works for only For a hour or half then it stops working. If i restart pc then it again works fine for a hour and then stops working :? i changed usb port put it another but prob is same :sad: Is this OS(win 32) prob or mouse prob?
  17. hansraj

    Does it happen with you as well!!!

    I have a Desktop with an old rig of P4. Things were fine till the time i started the downloads at night(Cant say if the prob existed earlier but came to notice after the downloads). I switch off the monitor at night so that possible energy can be saved but in the morning when i press the monitor...
  18. S

    display blinking

    dear guys i am in big trouble, recently my pc display continueus blinking after windows loading and desktop appear.when i am goes to bios then all right.then i enter xp or windows 7 then display blinking.i completely uninstall display driver and installing latest driver.but the prob remain...
  19. Techn0crat

    UPS Prob or MoBo Prob?

    I have just assembled a PC for friend of my cousin with following specs. CPU-C2D E7500(2.93 GHz) MoBo-Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L RAM-Kingston 2GB 800MHz HDD-Seagate 250GB DVD-WR-Samsung Writemaster PSU-VIP 400 Watt(Silver) Monitor-Dell 19" UPS-Powercom (Forgot Madel No but something like 606A,have...
  20. bajaj151

    Help applying Theme

    I patched Uxtheme file using latest UxStyle...but as I apply theme...desktop changes to Classic Theme. I copied the theme into: c:\windows\resources\themes\ There was no prob using theme in vista. Is there any different procedure to use it in Windows 7 ??
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