1. thewisecrab

    Prob with Combo

    Hi guys... u see i have a prob with my DVD/CD-RW Samsung Combo drive....i bought it last year and was working fine 4 d 1st few months....but then there is a weird prob....while playing DVD always Halts after 10..20 seconds after thr play button is pressed.and indicator of both Combo...
  2. S

    NFS carbon prob, HELP!!!!

    I have extracted the nfsc provided in the digit dvd, n when i start the installation it says to install the latest directx, the same happens adter i install the directX 9.0c. what the prob and how can i solve this?????
  3. V

    problem with LG DVD Combo Drive--->>GCC-4521B

    i hav the above mentioned combo drive reading and writing into cd's aint a prob the drive also reads the DVD's from DIGIT perfectly but the prob is when i got DVD's burned from a friend's DVD burner they are not being read(the DVD is not being recognized)...his drive could read it i...

    hanged pc after logged in

    This is prob of my friend, as he says Prob. most of time after logged in ( from 3 month). computer hangs. now a days computer failed to boot from XP cd. Configaration-- Processor-Intel P4 3.0 Mhz HT Mobo- Original 915 GVWB 512 MB RAM Samsung combo 400 w i ball SMPS XP...
  5. N


    am now using wireless getting this freaking system get freeze after a few mins...any idea to solve this prob??
  6. R

    Help Me:Prob with Yahoo! Messenger

    I've been having this prob with yahoo Messenger... >When i type some msg. and send it to someone>> I cant see it. >When someone types a msg. and sends it 2 me>> I cant see that 2. I't basically a blank fkn screen that i see in the msngr. It's not a font prob, coz i tried all......not...
  7. xpabhi

    XFX GeForce 6600GT PCI E

    hey guys chck out my card * its jst ovr 1 yr old! i'm jst thru with playin games :p nevr had any probs iwt it.. used to clean it regularly.. moreovr i hav an ac room so dust was nevr a prob...
  8. Edburg

    I am having probs with NFS Carbon based on reqs

    My sys is 2.4GHz Pro,D865GBF with integrated graphics,256 MB ram I played MW well on my system.I tried playing Carbon demo in my sys but itwon't work. Whenever I start game it says nfsc_demo.exe encountered a porb needs to close . ... . . I know 512 MB ram is req But that shouldnt stop me...
  9. tinku dhar

    WMP 11 (havin prob with ALCHEMY - RANDOM)

    wellll wellll ... , wat the hell is MATTER with this FINAL edition or my PC is havin PROB !!!!!!!!!!!!! when i try to SWITCH to ALCHEMY - RANDOM (visualization) it JUST try to change the color of whole screen but no visualiation comes ..... wat to doooooo :( but other BAR...
  10. S

    XP in Russian

    Hey, i just formatted my laptop and re-installed Windows XP professional. Well the prob is, that the cd i had was for some reason in russian, i mean the whole boot setup (the blue part of the installation), since i've done it a few times i knew where to do what and managed to get the windows...
  11. archillies

    Is it PSU Prob?....need Help!!!!

    My frnd gave me a cpu to fix which stopped working suddenly.....I opened the box and found that heatsink was full of dust..cleaned and tried to connect...but power supply and cpu Fans start & stop and nothing happens...I tried replacing with other psu but same thing happens....donno whr the prob...
  12. Y

    youtube stops

    when i am viewing youtube videos it stops suddenly.i tried watching it with all browsers.wats the prob?.i am having 256kpbs unlimited connection
  13. pritish_kul2

    Rediff bol prob

    i am having a problem with rediff bol 8.0 with hindi messenger. it says i am not connected to internet. but i am. i downloaded the with hindi messenger then the prob came but before there was no problem.
  14. virus_killer

    yahoo msnger prob,,,plz help !!!!

    hi guys, my prob is am not able to send private msg to any other users, ya i can view their msgs, can u tel me whts the prob is ??? plz hellp.......connection property is set to " No Proxies" !!!
  15. virus_killer

    Agile Msngr. prob.. ??

    hi guys,, i have updated my Agile Msngr from V.3.0 to 3.78, the version 3.78 was on trial period of 7 days , i had dwnld and installed the version, but now the problem is trial period has expired and its not workin now so i hav reinstalled my older version but whenever i...
  16. H

    Problem with yahoo messenger

    Hi All, My problem seems very typical, whenever I use yahoo messenger I get the messege that "You have signed off bcz you signed in on a different computer or device". This problem I am facing for last 15 days. I thought myself may be prob wd messenger, went to cybercafe their again same...
  17. blademast3r

    Windows media player prob

    Hi guys i use win mp 11 my screen res is 1088 X 612 (16:9) the problem is that each time i play a video full screen the aspect ratio is set to 4:3 and only a small central portion of the screen is used...this prob is not faced at 4:3 resolutions...BAscially is there a way to stretch vids in...
  18. bizzare_blue

    Problem with Bluetooth Dongle/USB port

    I have a bluetooth dongle with CSR chip...It came with Bluesoleil soft and I installed the soft on my PC (3 GHz, 915 MB, WinXP pro) and the device worked fine. Then I upgraded my OS to SP2 and there was no need to install the Bluesoleil soft. Recently, I connected the same device on a...
  19. C

    Modem for Dataone

    Ok guys i m going for dataone home ul 900. Now there is some phone line prob (its not main line) so i m going for wifi. So tell me for which modem shld i go?? Now if I use wifi I wno't have any prob with phone line na? (its not main line) Plz give company name+model+cost. Thnx
  20. evil_maverick

    need help regarding ie 7 beta 3!!

    hello ppl recently dwnlded ie7 ...... but the prob is i cant open new tabs !! the option for opening new tabs is always grayed!! what is the prob ? plz help!!
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