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  1. koolbuddy92

    How to save history states in photoshop ?

    I'm a newbie in photoshop.. I'm using CS3. Whenever I open a .psd document, there are no history states (I mean the history of my previous session on that same document):sad:.. Pls suggest a way to save my previous history states..
  2. phuchungbhutia

    Busybox error. No live system

    I tried installing mint and ubuntu orovided by digit, but i get this problem. I tried changing mode to safe graphics and checked all options in f6. I am able to see intallation proceed now. Am i doing any wrong. I s there any other method. ---------- Post added at 12:20 PM ---------- Previous...
  3. varuog

    Best 50k lappy?

    Hii friends ... I am back here after a long time ... Had to make a new id as I've lost my previous account. Anyways, coming back to the topic, I am once again in dire need of your help. (I was advised to buy n82 in my previous query and I am glad I went with your advice). Now, I need to buy a...
  4. P

    Plz help me

    Is there any way to find a previous post or reply directly without having to press previous button many times in orkut community forum? Actually i want to see some previous posts but there are more than 8000 posts have been posted so far... Plz help me... Thanks & regards, pankaj chaudhary
  5. ajooba215

    which antivirus to opt for 64 bit os?

    as described in the title...i am currently using xp professional 64 bit addition and am not able to install the previous antivirus in it.....so..which antivirus can work well in 64 bit os...??
  6. A

    Norton Antivirus 2009 or Kaspersky Antivirus 2009

    My question is how many of you have tried Norton 2009 ? Its has really improved from its previous edition mainly in its overall performance and memory usage is far less than the previous editions. This made me raise the question is Norton now really better than Kaspersky Antivirus ? Norton...
  7. M

    Dynamic IP Question - Please Answer

    Hi Friends, Got a Question I am using Airtel BB which assigns dynamic IP after each successful MODEM reboot. Suppose at one point of time my IP address is 122.xx.xx.123 (Say), now when I reboot the MODEM the IP becomes 122.xx.xx.111. So what happens to previous IP Address i.e. 122.xx.xx.123...
  8. J

    Crysis game crashes while saving:help needed.

    hi, i have been playing crysis(1st edition) for past 7 days.for first 2 days it's working good.but now i have a problem.....while saving the game using F5 key or saving the game from the menu,the game suddenly quits. again while starting the game sometimes i can't even continue from...
  9. shyamno

    Files not detected on DVD

    After assembling my new rig with previous DVD writer I am unable to get some of the previously written DVDs to work.No file is being detected in them.But when i checked it with my friends DVD writer its absolutely fine.Even after burning a new DVD from the previous one its still not showing any...
  10. D

    Issues with comodo firewall pro

    i have comodo firewall pro with defense+ installed. every time i install or uninstall a software it pops a message asking if i want to continue letting the application modify my pc(or something like that)i have to select treat this application as an installer so my software is installed..but...
  11. D

    Having doubt after Reinstalling Win XP

    Hello friends, What I did: 1. Virus Affected.. PC very very slow... Registry Corrupted, Taskmanager Blocked.. 2. Tried AV scan. No results. 3. Formatted my Comp. 4. Installed a fresh Copy of OS win XP without deleting my data files but overwriting the Previous XP. 5. PC is fast.. Previous...
  12. Anorion

    [By Demand] January 2009

    Start posting requests quickly, because they cannot be considered after the fifth of December. Sorry for the delay in starting this thread after the previous one closed. Some of the demands from the previous month's thread are being carried over to this issue - Autocad 2009 is one probable...
  13. R

    BCA 1st sem PC software qs of WBUT

    Can some one please let me know if there is any site from where I can download previous years PC software questions of West Bengal University of Technologies?
  14. R

    rar problem

    hi friends i have downloaded a .rar file from internet.there were 2 parts i downloaded 2nd part .when i extracted the file it is giving a error saying "you need to start extraction from the previous volume to unpack quiz.doc" and then says no file to extract. is the any way to extract...
  15. ravi_9793

    Download DirectX November 2008 Update

    The Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime provides updates to 9.0c and previous versions of DirectX — the core Windows® technology that drives high-speed multimedia and games on the PC. This DirectX end-user installation includes all the latest and previous released DirectX runtime. The...
  16. E

    Postpaid GPRS plans speed in Pune:Airtel vs. IDEA?

    Hi All, I am planning to take a postpaid plan for GPRS specifically.I need to know your experiences with both Airtel and IDEA postpaid GRPS plans.Airtel seems to be a bit costly than IDEA.But my previous experiences with IDEA have not been good. So which one is better according to you? Thanks...
  17. K

    KVPY examination

    Hey, I'm in class 11th, preparing for the KVPY examination for the SA stream. Anyone given this exam before? How should I prepare? Where can I get previous years question papers? Thanks for all your help.
  18. M

    Eathquake hits mumbai

    Tremors were felt in early hours of morning in Mumbai on 17th September 2008. At around 3:15 a.m. mumbai was shook by an earthquake of yet unknown magnitude. The details should be confirmed by the media today. It was higher than the previous quake, that occured in June 2008. Co-incidently...
  19. iMav

    New iPods Announced

    Well, the event in happening and Steve Jobs announced new iPods, that now look like the previous long ones but have aluminum on them.
  20. K


    i am unable to install alcohol 120% says reboot after previous operation tried everything and deleted all entries from registry
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