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  1. T

    Sharing the PPPOE Connection through WIFI

    System Specs in the Signature. I have a PPPOE based Internet Connection. It is working fine. I want WiFi in my house so that Laptop and Mobiles can use the same connection. Problem is the Connection doesn't function through my Netgear JNR1010 Router. Is there any alternate way to...
  2. rakz

    Problem connecting to PPPoe

    Model : TP-Link TD-W8968 Firmware Version:0.6.0 1.3 v0005.0 Build 131226 Rel.33881n Hardware Version:TD-W8968 v1 00000000 Hello. I am having problem connecting to the PPPoe using the EWAN port. I'm facing this problem since a few days ago, before which it was perfectly fine. I'm not...
  3. V

    need a solution

    Hi guys i have unlimited bsnl dsl connection with class 2 wifi router which i keep in bridge mode to connect to net .now the problem is if i have to use same connection on my mobile or tablet i have put it the router on PPPoE mode , on which i dont get any...
  4. O

    Internet Sharing Problem PPPoE (plz anyone help me)

    I have a desktop (Win 7 Ultimate) with 2 LAN cards and my internet connection through cable is by PPPoE connection. I connect to the internet via dial-up in desktop. I do not have a router but I have a HUB. I am trying to set up internet an connection on "Computer A" and share it to "Computer...
  5. A

    setup pppoe connection in ubuntu 12.04

    Hello I'm from Ahmedabad, India. I want to setup my GTPL(i.e. the service provider) PPPOE internet connection in ubuntu 12.04 . please help..... I had tried to configure my internet connection in fedora 16 using the following method which worked fine :-- I've tried to go to Edit...
  6. S

    Need a Router in 1-1.2k max

    Hello Everyone, I need a new router in the range 1-1.2k Max. I need the new router because i can't tolerate that stupid router DNA-211 (I) by BSNL anymore... It restarts randomly,doesn't works in pppoe mode and even "It switches off by itself" So now,i really need a new router.
  7. a_to_z123

    Use Wi-Fi on my Mobile through BSNL Wireless Modem

    Hello guys, I have a problem using wi-fi on my cellphone through BSNL's wireless modem-cum-router. I think it actually trickles down to this: 1) On my laptop I've created a PPPoE connection. 2) I connect to the wireless network and it shows 'No Internet Connectivity' for the...
  8. B

    DataOne Configuration Problem in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

    Hello Guys, I have a problem in configuring my DataOne Connection on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. I use 750 Rs Unlimited Plan & Huawei WA1003A ADSL Modem. Actually I don't have a PPPoE connection. What is the procedure to configure connection other than PPPoE ? Thanks in Advance.
  9. arpanmukherjee1

    pppoe connection

    hi people, I wanted to know, how to connect my pppoe connection automatically after it has been disconnected and number of tries expired. i want to stay connected even if the connection is reset in the middle of the night while downloading any file from utorrent etc..... please...
  10. arpanmukherjee1

    pppoe connector

    hi people, I wanted to know, how to connect my pppoe connection automatically after it has been disconnected and number of tries expired. i want to stay connected even if the connection is reset in the middle of the night while downloading any file from utorrent etc...
  11. layzee

    ADSL issues with Puppy Linux

    I have very recently switched to Linux. Since I fiddle a lot with Windows XP, I end up re-installing it every month. So, I decided to get a backup OS in case anything goes wrong. I ended up installing Puppy Linux 4.0 (Dingo) on my USB drive from the Digit September 2008 CD. Everything is...
  12. A

    how to create pppoe server

    How can i create pppoe server to share internet?
  13. Plasma_Snake

    PPPoE Configuration in Open SUSE

    I'm a Linux N00b and recently installed Open SUSE 10.3. I've a BSNL 512Kbps UL plan and need to configure the PPPoE connection in it. Please tell me the detailed procedure to do so.:(
  14. mikeon

    How to share PPPoe connection through network ?

    Hi I have a network at home which is presently ethernet but will be going wi-fi soon... it consists of a laptop running vista & a desktop running xp home... it is connected through a router through which I connect to BSNL dataone.The modem does have inbuilt pppoe dialling but I preefer to dial...
  15. confused

    MTNL Broadband/ PPPoE Problem ... Help Reqd

    Hi guys, i am having a really troublesome problem with my broadband connection for the past 20 days....... several mtnl technicians have come and gone but the problem still persists....... and i am unable to access the net........ the problem is the the PPPoE light doesnt light up. i'll...
  16. Ecko

    BSNL PPPOE Connection Missiong

    We'll there was some problem with my ZA Firewall so I re-installed it But as soon as I went to dial teh connection I was unable to see my BSNL PPPOE Connection Also when I tried to make a new one I was unable to Plz Help:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  17. S

    pppoe dialer in linux mint

    hi guys, i am using a dlink 502-t adsl modem, which is in bridge mode.. can anyone tell me how to setup pppoe dialer on this mode? i tried pppoeconf , but it didnt work.. please give me a gui based pppoe dialer..
  18. ashishnehete

    pppoe connection

    I am currently using a PPPoe dailup connection on my laptop the guy came and instaled it on my laptop but i now i want the connection on my pc i instalted the drivers and set up a connection entering the username and password but on my lappy it accepts but on my pc it denies the guys will...
  19. Pat

    ICS on Vista

    Hi guys,I was trying last night to setup a adhoc wireless network on my laptop(with Vista on it) so that i could enable a friends iphone to connect to internet through it.The laptop is connected to internet via a PPPoE connection. I have one ethernet connection (through which PPPoE connection...
  20. Manshahia

    people using Broadband in Feisty Fawn....

    I cant access all the web sites when connect via PPPoE in Ubuntu... this problem is also present in Windows... But in windows when i connect via Bridge it works fine... I want to ask those who are accessing internet via PPPoE in Ubuntu.. May b they can help me out of this...
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