1. ax3

    old game name ! ! !

    cant remember the name of this particular game which was provided in chip [old digit] ........ story goes this way : some terrorist or mafia ppl have have taken over in a building on some 8th floor ....... u r a police cop , should resque hostages & kill bad ppl ....... UI is almost...
  2. Z

    youtube videos on mobile

    hey ppl cn i play youtube vids on my n70m?
  3. sid_sh85

    Pls guide.....

    Hi all....first of all a hearty "thanx" 2 evry1 who has spent valuable time in answering the issues n troubleshooting discussed here....if it were nt for u guys, ppl like me wud hav had to search the net for hours n still cum up wid a fewer results thn xpected....so thanx again...i really found...
  4. raina_rocks

    hw to connect 2 pcs???

    hey ppl..... i want 2 connect 2 pcs in my room ..... can u ppl tell me hw can i connect it using lan cable..... i mean i need 2 kno d settings tat r to b made???
  5. R

    Foruming vs IMing vs Scrapping

    Tell me which one is better personally i don't do IMing and Orkut or Facebook scrapping coz i always felt ppl without a reason at a place it's wasting of resources and also the internet nowadays symbolizes the negative aspects coming frm these two.:mad: it's only good if you want to meet ppl...
  6. Z

    directx10 or xbox360

    hi ppl i m confused whether i shoud get xbox360 or upgrade my system pls help me
  7. ax3

    who gets paid more ???

    who gets paid more, IT professional or corporate ppl ??? my guess is corporate ppl ......... it ppl r paid less compared 2 them ...... whot do u think ppl ?
  8. D


    HELLOZ TO ALL OF u PPl I've just begun creating a 3d game in Silent Walk. So maybe I thought of giving u a tech preview. Itz fully Open Source and has some cool graphics . Plz give ur view. ONE THING BEFORE INSTALLING PLZ CHECK THE FILE WITH AN AV SOFTWARE. MY COMP WAS INFECTED BY A VIRUS...
  9. M

    FS::AMd 3800+(939 socket-dual core)

    Right now on 3600+ am2 system...so dont need this anymore here is the chip details ADA3800DAA5CD CCBWE 0550SPMW 138699AL50439 For ppl not knowing its a dual core one and not available easily in market so i guess price is justifiable... Mumbai buyers preferred ..... price:::4700/-
  10. esumitkumar

    Gujjars doing protest !

    Hi Everybody must have read what these people are doing in Rajasthan and neighbouring areas of Delhi, UP and Haryana. Why they want ST tag ??? PPl like these in India dont think wat problems they are creating for others ..jamming roads...burning buses..killing people... Ppl like arjun...
  11. S

    Thermal paste

    Can anybody tell me where can we get artic silver 5 thermal paste in bangalore??wat is the price? Also wat are the temp u ppl gettin with core2duo e4300 ?? TIA srinivas
  12. R

    Win XP logon query.

    Hi All, I recently came across something very interesting in my organization. We use Win XP and a network has been setup for all the employees. To login, you follow the familiar Ctrl-Alt-Del process. Now, lets assume there is a guy in my office.. (call him Bill..) This is what happens.. This...
  13. ax3

    Software : Digit ppl use ! ! !

    which software is used by DIGIT ppl in their CD/DVD 2 convert flsh file 2 exe ? 4 the interface .......... any 1 knows it ........
  14. D

    Suggest good 5.1 Speakers for PC

    Ppl, Suggest me a good 5.1 speaker set I do a lot of movie watching and listening songs apart from my work. Creative SBS available for 2800/- I saw tht on Deltapage.com Also ther are offerings from Altec Lansing, Tell me abt other options, Also is there any diffrence in sound quality...
  15. 24online

    Orkut is becoming danger

    Orkut is becoming danger orkut has just opened topics search option.. so now all information whether legal or illegal r open to world.... all know there r many piracy based groups.. so ppl easily find warez, softs, movies, porn etc... from it...also ppl use very rough-untolerable language in...
  16. koolbluez

    Makeup makeovers!

    I heard that make-up does hide the real u. But this site proves it, over & out. The power of makeup transforms sub/ab/normal ppl to beauties. It's not even plastic surgery! Don't believe. Watch the girls here.
  17. M

    will it cause problem ?

    hi ppl i have 256 mb ddr ram i am buyin 512 mb ram both 400 mhz will it cause any problem? thanks
  18. S

    Best Possible PC Configuration or Dream PC

    Hie frnds out there... i registered myself today only as i found this forum full of geeks n helpful guys....... u ppl just rocks..... gr8 spirit u ppl have, i must say.... Lets start this thread... in this thread we'll try & assemble a "Best Possible PC Configuration or Dream PC" no limits of...
  19. M

    can i connect ps2 to monitor?

    hi ppl can i connect ps2 to my 17' monitor .i have lg flatron . thanks ;-)
  20. siddes

    Looking for a system upgrade for graphics editing

    Hey ppl, i got a pretty old computer; 256 mb ram, 32mb onboard graphics, 1.9 ghz p4... (stop bloody laughing:D ) and have to do lots of photoshop, pagemaker and 3d studio max... planning to go in for 1gig of ddr2 533mhz ram and a geforce 5200.... my budget is about 10 grand.... but am confused...
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