1. V

    help needed...

    guys i purchased a new sata seagate 250gbs just 1 month back.....due to power fluctuation my hdd got burnt ,,,,the power pin smoked up..... my questions r....: will the seagate ppl replace the hdd???? if not how cud i get it replaced.....????? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  2. pritish_kul2


    CAn anybody plzzz send me a ringtone called teenbuzz to my mobile......i don't have bluetooth in my mobile.......interested ppl pm me
  3. H

    Bhangarh - The Most Haunted Place in India

    So hav any of u guys been to this place? Just read this. Wat do u ppl make of this?read other articles bout this whihc said that ppl who hav stayed in this place overnight hav never returned back. wud very much love to go to this place and spend a night over there (ofcourse not alone.i...
  4. koolbluez

    Why do we call ourselves Indian?

    I dont get this... when a guy says that he is a Bengali.. or Kashmiri... why do ppl say that they r not secular... Indian is a single nation.. the "we r all Indians" bull$h!t If u believe that we r united... we r clearly missing the entire picture...... we r Indians... but rn't we part of...
  5. trublu

    Blogspot Queries

    Hi evry1.I am thinking of starting a blog at blogspot.com.However,I have a few doubts in my mind.I need you guys to help me out. 1.Whenever I post something,is it necessary that the articles be original?I mean,is it ok if I mention the source at the end of the post? 2.How do I know how...
  6. jxcess2

    what's your monthly take home?

    Only for ppl who are wrking: what's your monthly take-home?
  7. Renny

    Problems, nothing but problems!

    I've installed many distros till now but nothing has worked(hanging etc), I tried Vector and Zenwalk but all apps just terminate and close randomly, Xfce keeps getting logged out, What is the problem? Why is all this happening " :( I dont know what to do, If atleast one distro had worked I...
  8. vipinkumarsolanki


    hi everybody, every time we "refresh" our system by just single clicking on refresh. But i want to know what happen when we refresh our system, and why do in LINUX , it does not required??? so, all the genius ppl of thinkdigit , plz clear my confusion ..........
  9. rahulmig

    Programer Required !!

    Hi, Guys i am in the need of 2-3 programmer who is well versed with PHP and asp.net Interested ppl can mail me the resume at rahul@vtalk2.com or call Sujit @ 20303032 for further Details I am looking for ppl from Mumbai only Salary : Depends Ranging upto 10000
  10. cooldudie3

    IM users percentage

    IM users in the forum Hi everyone! please post the IM messenger you use the most below I can see which one most ppl use. I use AIM the most
  11. iMav

    MS Win Srvr 08 launch event (mumbai) - Live updates

    Ok guys im here at the location got my reg. done, posting frm my cell (no lappies allowed) so a sms lingo will b used. Event starts at 10 am i reachd 2 n a half hr b4 something ppl who know me prsnally wont accept but i don hv 2 bothr abt tht, so do look at this thread 4 updates and yeah...
  12. A

    Queries regarding O2, EDGE and OSes

    I am deciding to buy an O2...either XDA atom or XDA stealth but I need to know some things from experienced users. How is the after sales service in India...? Should I go for XDA atom where half the ppl are extremely happy and other half is extremely disappointed?. (CNET user reviews)...
  13. hullap

    Any softy to do this

    the title says it all i want to annoy ppl in this way(see the image)
  14. chesss

    cleaning 'unshorting' a motherboard??

    Cleaning a motherboard?? hi ppl!! I have this weird problem with my laptop, it doesn't boot. now I won't go into details. But the problem has been persistent for the past few months and after trying everything I have narrowed down the problem to the mobo. From what I have read around...
  15. enticer86

    Pls help- :-(

    :mad: :mad: :mad: Hello friends, As u can all observe I am being quite regular at thinkdigit these days. I understand that ppl are very helpful here and would help me in just abt anything. Ppl, pls help me in selecting an undie. Please advise me abt the brand, quality, size, price and...
  16. enticer86

    Messiest DESKTOP of the week.

    Hello ppl, There are ppl with desktops that are complete eye-candies, ready to be stolen. And there are ppl like me with simple/default [read:messy] desktops. Why not showcase who is the best of the worst? Any ppl game for this?
  17. blademast3r

    Is this legal??

    Hey ppl... Lets say i hav all DVD's(original) of sm tv series(say friends) now would it be legal to cut out the best parts frm episodes (not more than 3 mins) nd upload it onto youtube for ppl to watch?? i mean its not the whole episode...nd not in hq...so is this legal??
  18. keshavasiva

    Hyderabad vs Bangalore

    This seems to be the hot topic for discussion everywhere these days - TV, print media, board rooms of MNCs, lunch tables in IT companies, blogs - just about everywhere. 1. b'lore costly city than hyde ...but the citi's area is lesser than tht of hyde 2. Food ...believe me none can beat hyde...
  19. harryneopotter

    Need Some Info about this company ......

    Hi guys/gals(if any) .........i am a final year Engg Student (CSE). Few days back there was a placement exam at my college (TEST + INTRW) by a company named Life Business Projects Pvt Ltd. (web site Link ). The selected ppl are required to sign a 3 year bond with a security deposit of 80k...
  20. anzaan

    internet tv??

    hi.. can u suggests a good internet tv software?? i googled it ,there r lots out there.. so jst wanted a suggestion from ppl wu r already using such software.. i have a net speed of 256kbps n using adsl router..
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