1. A

    Bitcomet + Kaspersky

    Hi friends, I m hvng KIS on my Vista drive. When ever i run Bitcomet the firewall(KIS) starts asking for permission for every connection it makes n so ultimately i have to switch off the KIS. Can u ppl help me with the process of adding Bitcomet as an exception in the firewall
  2. BBThumbHealer

    Output Screen In C++ !

    hey frenz..... can u ppl plz tell me how to take screen shot of output screen in Turbo C++......pressing print screen n then pasting it in paint is of no use ...nothin happens..... Thanking u ppl in anticipation..... BlackBerry7100g.
  3. BBThumbHealer

    Help Needed In C++ ....... Plz Don't Ignore

    hi frenz...... i m developing a program in turbo C++ v3......now i want the user to enter a password before accessing my program but i don't know how to do this .... can u ppl help me plz......n temme how to make the code for this purpose ! Thnx.... BlackBerry7100g.
  4. S

    xfx 7800gt for kolkata ppl Awesome price

    i want to sell my xfx7800gt wich i baught a few months back ..its from us so no warranty... comes with the box etc... PPL from cal are welcome to come home and check the card PRICE: Rs 9800/- only. yep u heard me... selling cause wana upgrade to a higher end card...
  5. hash!!

    the n91 8gb

    i think theres no thread for this... i need to know a bit about this phone... i might go in for it in month or 2... if its still there in the market.... so the n91 4gb bombed... its givin a lotta problems, and most of the ppl usin it say that it sucks... but i really wanna go for the n91-4gb or...
  6. R

    Whats the full form of WWW

    ppl out there.... plz tell me all the full forms of WWW u know...
  7. K

    ppl said 5.1...but didn't said which one..can u plzz suggest...

    ppl suggest me a good 5.1 speakers at a budget of 4-5k...
  8. blademast3r

    Is FEAR worth it?

    Hi guys i recently tried fear demo on my comp...it gave bout 40 fps at low settings...now basically i want to ask the ppl who hav played the game whether it is worth buyin the game??? how good is it?
  9. N

    am2 and core2 duo mobos too expensive

    k thinkdigit gurus help me decide the mobos and ram for allendale/x2 4200+ am2 ram to be used: 2*512 mb ddr2 533mhz(as 667 and 800 scacely available) ram budget:4.5-5k make-plz tell me mobos prorities: 1.ram ddr2 800 support for future not now as 533 will be used 2.onboard grsphics in...
  10. Holy_fat_man

    Problem With San Andreas.

    Hey ppl, San andreas gives this message after the the line -"Francis intl Airport,liberty city, 1992" Runtime error! Program c:\program files\Rockstar games\GTA SA\gta_sa.exe This application has requeted the runtime to terminate it in a unusual way. Please contact the application's...
  11. xenkatesh

    Need a Config for Gaming Rig

    As i said above i need a good configuration. i am planning to Assemble a PC. So i need ur help ppl.. My investment is 55,000.. I m a damn fan of AMD. ill list my requirement below.. so please suggest ur configurations (with price if possible) i m from chennai.. 1) Processor AMD Dual core with...
  12. Ambar

    mp4 codec blues....

    hey ppl i just downlded this file ....8 Mile - Eminem - Full Movie - DivX.mp4 now the problem is thet im not able to play this file i hd dwnlded frm lime wire and around 150 ppl had it so why is it tht i am not able to play it i tried the gspot but it is also not able to detect it...i hv tried...
  13. A

    Moto Razr V3i or V3x

    ppl just wanted to know which culd be a better option in the form all features and option for motorola razr v3i and the Motorola v3x. both have been comapred out here. i feel the v3x rocks and is a better option. any price range ppl in INDIA. i was infact looking for a slim phone, anyother ones...
  14. tango_cash

    we need a sticky for info on online/multiplayer games.

    hi i think if we have a sticky on online/multiplayer games right from the basics like connecting/neede sftwr/little gyan on terms like ping etc.it will help a lot of ppl.
  15. iMav

    vcd to xvid???

    Guys i have a vcd i want to make it into xvid format avi file or mpeg format how do i do it help ppl........... thanx
  16. A

    what do u download using torrents

    everyone has been using torrents for quiet sometime. now just wanted to know what you ppl download using torrents?
  17. L

    reg. orkut...

    hi guys, in orkut, in the home page itself, there is something called "trusty" "cool" and "sexy"... right corner.... is there any ways to know the ppl who have voted for you???? /legolas
  18. True Geek

    How do i remove the SEARCH box in bloggers.com

    Hi ppl How do i remove the SEARCH box in bloggers.com??? this one: http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/8932/untitled2cm2.jpg thanks
  19. V

    GSM Hacks..

    Edited Really nice website for mobiles , games , themes , apps.. u name it.. i thought it wud be gr8 to share with all the ppl here.. check it out :)
  20. evil_maverick

    Which Anti-Virus do you use?

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