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Win XP logon query.

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Hi All,

I recently came across something very interesting in my organization.
We use Win XP and a network has been setup for all the employees.
To login, you follow the familiar Ctrl-Alt-Del process. Now, lets assume there is a guy in my office.. (call him Bill..)

This is what happens.. This guys travels a lot. So before going somewhere, he locks his PC.

Much to our surprise, we found out that even when we reset the pc and try logging in with our own id's , it does work. But after abt 30secs-1min, you get logged off automatically. And then you end up seeing the Locked Computer screen all over again!!!! (Locked by Bill that is!)

Anyone knows how to automate this procedure so that ppl cant login into ur system?

P.S. : He is not using remote desktop and logging off ppl. it happens on its own...

Any ideas for the same??



my apologies for posting this in QnA instead of Software Troubleshooting...

Thanks for moving it to the relevant place in the forum.
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I think it will do it.

Right click on the desktop and select Properties, then the Screen Saver tab.
Ticking the option ‘On resume, password protect’ will lock the OS whenever the screen saver becomes active, should you use one.
u can try this stuff as well.from control panel go to power options.from power schemes tab choose system hibernates (standby if u dont see hibernation option)-1 min(or other time).than advanced tab is to be selected .check prompt for password when computer resumes from standby.click ok and voila u have a pc like ur frens
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