am2 and core2 duo mobos too expensive

Discussion in 'Hardware Q&A' started by nfsfan, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. nfsfan

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    Aug 14, 2006
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    k thinkdigit gurus help me decide the mobos and ram for allendale/x2 4200+ am2

    ram to be used: 2*512 mb ddr2 533mhz(as 667 and 800 scacely available)
    ram budget:4.5-5k
    make-plz tell me

    mobos prorities:
    1.ram ddr2 800 support for future not now as 533 will be used
    2.onboard grsphics in case dx10 cards will come in about a month....
    otherwise no need..non sli required
    3.sata2/e-sata ....front usb and mic ports....16x pci-e slots
    4.budget : upto 7k 1: no overclocking to be done 2: mild overcloking to be done 3: good oc board

    as multipliers in allendale r locked so difficult to find case 3 board in my budget ...anyways ppl help......
    and about m2ne ...i read at anandtech...all the ppl say the ram issues r about r for 800mhz ram and the voltages...i will be having 533....after months bios may be updated 4 better support for 800...thats ok for me....

    plz post the prices also and the chipsets along with it....
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  2. akshayt

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    Dec 23, 2003
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    preferably 2GB
    else 512 X 2 ddr 2 667
    around 5k i think
    corsair value select using d9 chips
    transcend might be cheaper though but might not oc as much as d9 chips unless you get real ocable transcend chips

    I think 965 Neo F Msi and M2N E AM2 should be among the better bets for you, though none will probably have onbaord graphics, first one for 6500 and second one for 5500. Dx10 will take 9-12months or atleast 6months to give decent stuff in india for mainstream

    multipliers are locked in all but X6800. Even with E6300 you can achieve oc of 2.8 or more and with E6400 oc of 3.2 with good mobos.

    msi neo F 965 at the moment doesn't give a good oc, maybe about 20%, can upgrade later

    BTW I am yobhcet
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