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Hi friends,
I m hvng KIS on my Vista drive. When ever i run Bitcomet the firewall(KIS) starts asking for permission for every connection it makes n so ultimately i have to switch off the KIS.
Can u ppl help me with the process of adding Bitcomet as an exception in the firewall
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helloo bro , i hv kis internet security suit 6,
u can add bitcomet to trusted zone so by using this it never ask for permission and DONT TURN OFF UR kis

KIS is best anti virus on earth :)


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Hey thanx, m gonna try it n tell u.
BTW i disabled it and i was infected by as many as 467 instances of Rontokbr-C!!!!! :D


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Don't ( And I mean it ) use bitcomet. Its one of the worst torrent dlers.
Many pvt sites even dont allow it.
Instead use utorrent or azerus


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^^Test all the bittorrent clients with a single torrent to see their d\l speed.then decide which is the best for you.
Bitcomet works best for me.


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Bitcomet indeed is the fastest client out there. But after that infamous unfortunate event with was banned by many trackers. Now after good work by bc team it again has won some repo but still I love azureus as it is the most trusted and feature rich client out there. And dont say its slow coz I find it fast.


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I use Bitcomet and I've never faced any problem, I find it works fast and really well.


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I get downloads upto 500kbps by BC so i dont think i need to shift coz that's almost the max that my connection can give n my uploads go upto 900kbps!!!
Very very high indeed


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Here's the problem I have run into just today:

- Installed KIS

- Now, every time I try to start BitComet, it will pop up for maybe 1/2 second and then close right back up.

- Un-installed KIS and everything worked fine again.

- Re-installed KIS and BitComet.....same problem as earlier

- Dis-abling any of KIS's functions does not seem to do the trick.

Anyone have any advice ??!! Thanks for your help...


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Yeah sure bro. I had the same prblm as u had and i have solved it by the following method

1. Right click the KIS icon and select settings

2. Select the Protection tab(Selected by default)

3. Click on Trusted Zone

4. Add BC as trusted application and select all the checkboxes when prompted except "Do not scan opened file" for incase u dwnld a virus ;)

5. Click okay n u r done........ :)
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