1. infra_red_dude

    ennyah or transcend mp3 flash drive?

    plz help me out ppl...i am confused...transcend 256mb mp3 flash drive costs me about 3.5k and ennyah abt 3k...which do u ppl suggest? anyone facing probs wid either of the two??? which one do ya recommend???
  2. T

    how do i start my own forums in my lan??

    hi ppl, in other words i want to start a web page..in which the ppl in my lan can meet and share our views/exchange tips etc just like we do here.. What all do i require and which is the easliest way to do it?? Thanx.
  3. infra_red_dude

    viable printing solution under 3k

    hey ppl, i gotta get a printer for my cousin. he basically needs a color printer and wants it for printing his projects and assignments which basically consist of text a some graphics (photos to be precise). which color inkjet printer under rs.3000 do you ppl suggest? i dun want a high-end...
  4. K

    Yahoo Messenger!!!

    Hey ppl Quick Questions.. 1) We normally make new Status messages.. But can we delete them ?? or change them ?? Once made.. i cant see ne option to delete or change them... 2) Is there any addon to YM like MSN has MSN plus and other softwares 3) Some ppl have faces next to their...
  5. S

    New Forum 4 Free Web Hosting

    Hey Raaabo... It would be good if u put a Forum for Free Web Hosting Sites.. Many ppl would be searching for a good paid/free remote hosting service.. What da ya ppl of the forum think.
  6. S

    Directx 9b to 9c upgrade problem help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hie, Well im having this serious problem with my comp. I tried to play republic commando but it required dx 9c (actually thats when i reealised that i was still stuck with 9b) anyways So i used the installtation of the dx 9c redistributable version given in the dvd this month. Well...
  7. fnatic@play

    Finaaallly.. my comp has come..... :D

    OH yeah.. finally after an agonising wait o 1 month to get the most powerful system many wud have tot abt... (no.. its not the most powerful that it there.. DDUUH!!.. tho wud love to got that..).... well.. think the specs are pretty cool.... Athlon 3500+, Asus A8N SLI Deluxe, 1 GB kingston...
  8. T

    official exeem discussion

    hi guys, for those who dont know exeem is or rather will be a new p2p s/w which merges kazaa and bit torrent and promises to take p2p sharing to new heights.. well suprnova.org says it will be released this week..the public beta that is.. no further details..i think some ppl here had the...
  9. N

    Which is a beter 1 ...........

    I recently read an article in the Jan. issue of Digit that said that Opera is better than Firefox. So, plz tell me ppl. that which 1 of these do YOU think is better........... P.S. - Plz provide the link to dwnload the latest version of Firefox..........
  10. H

    Effective Megapixels

    Plz ppl. post the maximum effective megapixels of the integrated cameras in the foll. mobile phones if u know them and their quality:----- Sony Ericsson K700i SE T630 SE T610 SE S700i Nokia 6600 Nokia 3660 Nokia 6820 Nokia 6230 Thx ppl. and plz post them
  11. F


    I think almost all of us have descent machines to play quake 3 with FPS above 40 in 640*480 resolution. SO lets START A QUAKE CON 8) . What do u ppl say???
  12. rakee

    Suggest me a book to learn

    I want to know which book is good to learn C++ codings to handle MySQL Databases for linux environment..plz suggest some And guyz you can also post your need for book for particular needs here..many ppl are here to help..i think so..
  13. K

    Digiti-zed Linux Poll...

    Hey ppl... I think its time that digit gives us readers some 5 pages atleast / month about Linux.. startin from basic to tweaking - networking - gaming - installing - configuring - compiling - hacks.. a general every issue guide for Linux users which is growing rapidly in India.. :lol...
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