how to increase your post count tutorial


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due to the fact that i totalling nearly 1000 posts i a here to publish the secrets of increasing posts in forum.

i was a loser before i had ony less than 69 posts
people would hate me because i looked like a noob with 100 posts.

I was depressed had no girlfriend and was mental health was deteriorating and i was having thoughts of suicide

But Miraculously then one day i got the secrets/special formula for increaseing posts after that i grew and now i have 1000 posts.
people no longer tease me,
they praise me'
dont call me noob
respect me

So if you want to be like me follow my tutorial or else you will always have 69 posts for the rest of your life.

1)0stay off chit chats acually shitchit coz u get **** for chating ie zero posts ie zero posts 4u here its not good for you
2)Use news section you dont need to be a geek to post in theren
3)even if you dont know post coments like very nice..very good...too bad etc
4)IF you somehow have an opinion about something postin many sessions as parts
5)another option is to use smilies to repy post like:),:(,:rolleyes:
6)whenever you see an opinion quote it and put +1 to this it TADA 1post4u
7)if tou cant put +1 type agree or if you dont type disagree without mentioning the reason(which will be your 2nd post)
8)Blast off congraets ibn the show off section.ASk for the item sopecifics,model,date,yaddda ydaada.Guy got a brand new pc why not we get 1 post for it?earn your posts
9)Post links to every funny picture/text you find
10)Good/nicee review in review section
11)Ask for pictures is another strategy to increse posts
12)Ask for price and date and specifics in bazaar section etc

There you go.I hope you find this tutorial helpful.
share your post increasing tips here


well, i m glad you didn't commit suicide due to low no. of posts on tdf. :p :D :lol:

P.S :
is that your pic on the first post ? :p


Game on
Thanks for the tips to increasing my post count and maintaining my virginity, :-D oops loosing it...


Human Spambot
Lol, yet you did :p

However I didn't know people nowadays measure someone by the count of posts he/she has made! Jeez :O
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