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  • Laptop color is Mocha Brown, so is the keyboard. I'll post a detailed review tonight :)
    All the laptop prices are going to increase for a month or so, because of the huge demand of HDDs. Please invest ASAP. Erodov and ASUS Customer care told the same thing.. 28.3 is a good price. I got it for 28.7 from Chennai ASUS seller.
    He's a reputed seller. That's for sure.. You can consider buying from him. His rates are definitely better than the official guys. I'll be getting one myself this month-end (after getting my salary :D). This is his website.. http://technotronicsindia.in/store/
    hey nav18, I will have to check again, it was quite long time ago. I forgot totally how I made it. I will check and write again to you.
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