Why do you visit TDF??


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Questions says it all..

I'v been visiting TDF from the year 2003, and in 2004 became a member :p

User CP is the first bookmark in my browser and I try to read and reply if possible all new posts post. basically i'm addicted to TDF from a loooong time. But I do take breaks once in a while by requesting a temp ban :)


Why do you visit TDF???


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It used to be one of the best Indian tech forum like 3-4 years ago.
I don't why but I still kinda like this forum.:D
Also I miss those ridiculous but hilarious chit-chat threads that used to appear from time to time. Old members might understand what I'm saying :D
Now its not half the fun it used to be :(


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^^ Yeah it was an good tech forum, but not now. Anyways, i visit TDF, for troll posts :D
All Phail Epic pics thread, Offtopic thread and sometime, some tech q&a thread too. :D


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I guess addiction. Also there is no one in my group who understands my language and feelings and this is the place to share them and talk with like minded people. :)


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It's the cool tech site I have ever visited. I get more info about everything and learn new things.


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i visit mainly for the lulz..in terms of tech i get my fill elsewhere..and not to mention i got some real good friends here...


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to help others who need answers..and to get answers for my queries...solve problems of TDF members.
all in all a good forum to gain/share knowledge.


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To waste time, that's just one aspect. Addiction, another aspect.

Am here just to converse about things, that i really know. Its fun to hear someone says
"Hey, i too saw that movie or i too have that gadget or i too played that game. Its really awesome!".
Thats what make me visit again! :lol:
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