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Who according to you is the winner in battle of flagships and why?

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With the sole aim of Honor Hub to get transparent and effective feedback.

Let us help Honor get our message received via this poll.

Please vote in an unbiased manner. Also comment the reason for your selection.

Disclaimer: The intent is to garnish the improvements in future Honor products in the roadmap.


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Let me start with my verdict:

Oneplus 6 remains to eb my choice for sheer speed and simplicity it brings to table and no nonsense hardware and software
Even I would say Pixel 2 XL, S9 & S9 Plus are just better options in terms of a flagship phone.

During sales, Samsung S8 at 38k is a great choice & IMO better than other phones.


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For me One plus 6
Oxygen OS is very fast and light.
One Plus devs are very active at fixing bugs and providing updates.
AMOLED display is very good with deep blacks
Oxygen OS don't use any heavy skins
Fast Android updates


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OnePlus 6 because they don't void your warranty if you unlock the bootloader and root the phone. Warranty is only void if you brick your phone or have physical/water damage.
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