i want to buy a lptop aprox 25 k which best disply pls sugest.


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i want to buy a lptop aprox 25 k which best disply pls sugest.

i need -
best display for text ,and and image editing ,coding.

i can ignore-
speed, hdd and ram 2 gb is enough for me.


You have to go window shopping and see/compare the models for yourself.

I would suggest the Lenovo G50-45 with quad core A8

As is common in this category, the G50-45 relies on a medium-sized, 15.6-inch screen with a low 1366x768 pixels. That results in a pixel density of approximately 100 ppi. Not only does the sharpness of the content suffer, but also the available desktop area. Consequently, multitasking with complex software is only possible with massive restrictions. However, the rivals from Acer and Packard Bell do not have a higher resolution either.

The LED backlight achieves an at most middling brightness with a maximum average of 210 cd/m², which is, however, absolutely sufficient for using the laptop on the desk. Fortunately, the brightness does not decrease even further in battery mode. The homogeneous illumination of the entire screen has to be praised; distracting screen bleeding was hardly discovered even under closer examination.

As expected, the same TN screen is installed in the G50-45 as in the G50-70 (LG LP156WH3-TPSH) so that our measurements only deviate within the usual production tolerances. The contrast ratio of 413:1 is derived from the black level of 0.55 cd/m² and is roughly on par with the Aspire E1-510 (392:1) and EasyNote TE69HW (446:1). We would generally say that the image impression is satisfactory. A richer black would provide a stronger and more vivid presentation, but the result is acceptable in view of the price range.

However, the manufacturer's calibration of the screen is not really satisfactory. Particularly the much too high color temperature that is seen in a visible bluish cast has to be criticized here. The resulting DeltaE shifts can at least be reduced to some extent via a custom color profile (download link in the above graph). However, the user will inevitably have to accept the very limited color space (sRGB: 51%; AdobeRGB: 36%).

While the screen's limited brightness does not massively thwart indoor use, it makes using the laptop outdoors virtually impossible. Distracting reflections on the reflective surface cover the content even on cloudy days or in the shade. Lenovo regrettably does not optionally offer a matte screen for the G50-45.

A screen should offer as generous as possible viewing angles for movie nights with friends so that every viewer sees a high-contrast and undistorted picture. A TN screen will always fare worse than an IPS or PLS model owing to the underlying technology. However, certain differences are found in the single models. The LG screen installed here responds very sensitively to the slightest deviations particularly on the vertical plane. However, the lateral elbowroom is also massively limited. Vertical deviations beyond 30 degrees should be avoided when possible.

Source: *www.notebookcheck.net/Lenovo-IdeaPad-G50-45-Notebook-Review-Update.125641.0.html
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