making a collage using gimp??

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Simpsons rox
i am using gimp on my ubuntu 8.04
and for a presentation that i have to make i need to make a collage of 3 pictures which i wanna merge together to create one image.

the actual case is that the presentation is on transport
so i have a pic of a train,bus and plane
i need to merge alll in one pic

i KNOW that i can place them in 3 layers and do it that way. but i dont want to do it that way. it would be too crude and unprofessional.

can i make the collage in away that the 3 pics seem to be merging together

i heard in photoshop i could define a boundary for each image and along that boundary the image will fade in and hence the 3images might blend in to each other.

pls tell me how to do this in GIMP or give some other nicer suggestion.

i dont want use any other software except Gimp.
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