My Memtest Results

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In the zone
i ran the memtest though could not complete it...and i don't think it looks good....
im attaching the pic.

what do you think>i don't understand it! :(


It is showing some malfunctioning zones. Clean the contacts of your ram card with a nylon eraser and put it back and check again


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Onece I also had on e 256MB Ram ( Bad ) & that gave me lot of troubles like bsod, HAng ups etc. etc.
Yeah. Bad Ram could be the main problem for those kinds of errors.


In the zone what do i do?
can i get the RAM replaced for this reason?and anyway to make sure its the RAM?
btw this is the BSOD

i reached a point where my system would only work in Safe Mode and had the patch through out.
i removed my card and went to the service center...they tried it in their system and had no probs!!!!i put it back in my system re-inserted my RAM.....and it works fine now!i could even benchmark with Furmark(dint work earlier)!!!
but my Catalyst version is 8.7...and im scared to updated it now!
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