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  1. Faun

    Audiogram test

    Check you left and right ear response to frequencies at lowest decibels. I just did a quick test. It's pretty noisy here with construction work going on. I will update the pic if I do it again. Here's mine: More info on how to read it: How to Understand Your Hearing Test - Hearing Aid...
  2. dalbir

    profile pic

    how to enter a profile pic?
  3. rahul_c

    Mysterious mark on laptop screen

    I've a Dell Vostro 1510 which has a matte screen. I have used collin to clean the screen ever since I have bought it, that will be around 3 yrs and never faced any issues. But now there is a spot on the screen which is not going away. I have attached a pic, please help me out guys.
  4. sanny16

    A textfile open automatically everytime when the system starts.

    Whenever i start my lappy , a text file opens up automatically in the desktop screen. It says something related to shell. How to get rid of it? I tried attaching pic but didnt accept it saying some error. Here is the link to the pic: "http://postimage.org/image/wpk5ouvof/"
  5. Vishnupg45

    help me identify the bsod error

    I recently assembled my system. I installed everything from driver cd.. The problem is i get blue screen every 2nd or 3rd startup. Then i can boot my pc and continue work as normal. I have taken a pic through my phone. But i dont know how to upload in this post. Pls help.
  6. sriharsha_madineni

    Philips SHP-2700

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Philips SHP 2700 Expected Price: Rs 800/- Rs.750 Rs.700/- Shipped Time of Purchase: March 2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No | Will give 2 day testing warranty Reason for Sale: Not using it anymore, packed...
  7. axes2t2

    Topless pic of Emma Watson :O

    Now that is hot.
  8. V

    which brand i should go for point and shoot camera

    my budget is 8000rs/- suggest me good p&s camera for good image quality...main focus on pic not video recording....also need good flash to click the pic in night or low light....camera which can take nice pic in any function
  9. Pratik Pawar

    facebook TIMELINE query..

    Hi all.. since the last 2-3 months.. Im confused about the TIMELINE profile.. before starting to use it, I wanted to know from u all.. the advntgs & disadvntgs of TIMELINE (i.e + & - pts):mrgreen: and also of the previous conventional profile..:mrgreen: which one's better..?:-?:confused: I...
  10. eggman

    [For Sale] Crysis 2 / PS3

    Hi Guys I'm selling Crysis 2 for PS3. It's a limited edition I guess . It comes with a manual , Disc and an Online Coupon. Price:Rs. 1000 Incl. Shipping (Rs. 950 for Bangalore Local Pickup ) Pics: Cover : Manual: Cover Inside: ] Disc Pic 1: Disc Pic 2: The...
  11. A

    Can't figure out the problem with my cam

    My Canon Powershot A470 has a problem of not displaying any picture to shoot.. The display goes blank but it shows the menu and other side functions while shooting.. It is not capturing any pic from the lens.. How the problem can be resolved?? It is not within warranty. Please help what to do
  12. Sarath

    Docomo Rs.500 recharge screwup. Read before recharging for this amount.

    If you recharge for Rs.500 for Docomo from any third-party website then you will be recharged for this pack that gives you 500MB 3G data usage + 1000mins of local/STD calls. The problem was faced by one other person as given below; I spoke at length to their CC but to no avail. He simply...
  13. Sarath

    Post your complete RIG pictures

    Post your RIG ! [Pics | High Bandwidth warning] Post pictures of your rig in this thread. New or old. Doesn't matter. Let us into your world. [/SPOILER] Index: 1. Sarath ;) http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/show-off/149356-post-your-complete-rig-pictures.html#post1535254 2. ICO...
  14. E

    pakrishta.com hacked!

    hey guys pakistani matrimonial site pakrishta.com is hacked.heres the pic
  15. nilanko

    Nero 10 query

    I bought original Nero 10 Multimedia software from a local computer shop. The serial number was printed on the CD cover. My question is in the pic below: Why is "-Nero Kwik DVD" shown there under "Nero Multimedia Suite 10"? What does that mean?
  16. C

    buying the nhd14.will it fit?

    hey guyz, going to purchase the noctua nhd14 tomorrow.below is a pic from my build.will the cooler fit?
  17. NitrousNavneet

    Tikona FMC 599

    Yesterday , Got new Tikona Net Connection. My Plan is - FMC 599. With 2 MBps Speed for first 4gbs and the 64kbps Nice:?::? posting pic. soon.
  18. P

    Suggest Point & Shoot Digital Camera

    This post is written after lots of research on P&S cameras, Looking for decent P&S Digital Camera. Have been using Canon PowerShot A570 IS & addicted to its very good clarity. Getting fed up due to its bulkiness & continuous problem of "Low batteries" message even with brand new Duracell...
  19. R

    CM Elite 310 + CM Hyper 212 Plus advice For my config?

    Please advice , I am planning to buy CM Hyper 212 + (Dual Fan ) for my Rig (config on my sign) Q) i do know its compactable but after reading google results i found i might have Problem using 4 Ram Sockets (atm using 3 sockets)(see pic -CPU cooler is tooclose to Ram socket #1 ) Q) From...
  20. mohityadavx

    Replace ALL

    I am using windows 7 and MS Office 2007. Now i converted a pdf file with ABBYY FINE READER 10 and it is replacing some of the mathematical symbol with that of pound and some with strange pic. I replaced all the pound symbol with required symbol. Is there any way to replace all the pic symbol...
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