1. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Innovative topics for Class XII CBSE investigatory projects.

    We have been given Chemistry and Physics projects to do and I want something different to do. There are a lot of projects to do in science but nothing that i feel is greatly "investigatory"(especially in physics) . I might have a lot of topics in my mind but i don't really remember such stuff...
  2. T

    BSc Physics vs BE (Electrical+Electronic)

    Got 88% at ISC XII exams, and I'm getting admission at a local college for BE in Electrical&Electronic engineering. I was wondering whether I should do a BSc in Physics cause there are many engineers, and not too many jobs. It seems to have go saturated. How are prospects after doing a BSc...
  3. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Reference Books for Class XII CBSE.

    Okay, im in 12th now, so looking for some reference books and books that are having those sample papers and previous year papers as well. I already have ML Khanna IIT maths, but that too high level for school IMO. Suggest me some good books for Boards preps. and reference books for Subjects...
  4. GamerSlayer

    Pursuing my ambition to become a Game Designer

    Guys, I completed 10th this year and am awaiting my results and am pretty sure to get scores which enables me to take up science. I am taking Science stream next year and opting for Physics, Chemistry and Maths. As an additional I am taking up C++. Now, I want to become a game designer and am...
  5. vickybat

    Nvidia's New Fluid Simulation Algorithm Allows Realistic Water Physics

    People who are thinking nvidia's physx to be dead and defunct need to think twice. Its coming back even stronger than before with breakthrough advancements in real time physics effects. This new fluid simulation algorithm gives realistic water physics than any physics engine out there including...
  6. P

    Just Overclocked my GT 650M...

    I am having dell inspiron 17R SE.... It has GT650M 2GB GDDR5 and intel core i7-3610 i overclocked my laptop GPU using MSI Afterburner and used Geeks3D FurMark v1.10.2 for testing temperature and 3DMark 11 Basic version for the improvements.... Actually I have few questions.... 1) How much do u...
  7. V

    graphic card suggestion

    hii i want to buy a graphic card with in the budget of 10000k and i am thinking of corsair gs 800 watt psu but my friend recommended for the nvidia card because it has nvidia physics which is used in a lot of games and ati does not offer physics so please recommend a good card and i had...
  8. koolent

    How many physics geeks here ?

    TDF has done a quite good job in recruiting technology geeks from everywhere, now how many of these are physics geeks? Everybody does not like physics, but when it comes to us.. We love it.. So, this kind of physics discussion thread.. I am in class 8th, going to 9th.. Well, count me in..
  9. H

    nvidia gts 450 or ati hd 6770

    hi i am hemant and i am confused which one to buy nvidia or ati because my friend suggest for 450 gts but another friend recommend ati 6770 and on this card my friend says that in ati card physics is not sopported and games like batman, mirrors edge etc required physics ... so pleese suggest...
  10. R

    M.Sc physics in India

    Hi, I am from Nepal and want to do M.Sc in india. Which are the Universities I can apply for in India?
  11. U

    Online Practice for Entrace Tests

    Hi guys, Here's a little venture from, it's entrance exam season, we are gonna put up some practice tests for entrance exams up on our site for you to do. Please do check it out, it might be good for some last minute practice! We are looking for questions, so please email use...
  12. The Conqueror

    Significance of Chemistry for an IT Course at IIT

    Hi, I've been wondering about the significance of Chemistry and Physics to pursue a course which is related purely to algorithms and computing at IIT. Why do we have the entrance test for Physics and Chemistry when the course the student will be studying is completely different? To a certain...
  13. Ray

    JEE query

    i am in class xi (icse) and have taken bio.i want to know if physics and chemistry syllabus of iit jee will cover physics and chemistry syllabus of medical jee(aiims and state jee).what books do i need to study for medical jee(specially bio).
  14. Prongs298

    marks in QE for IIT-JEE 2010

    I wanted to know whether to qualify for the IIT-JEE you need 60% in only physics, chemistry and maths OR in all the subjects?
  15. chesss

    Bridge builder - small gem of a game

    This is less of a game and more of a physics simulation . There are no fancy graphics, just pure physics simulation.. Bridge Builder is a small (200KB) 2D game in which you have to make bridges (that will stand the test of a passing train). Njoy! Edit: Read around a little . Turns...
  16. asingh

    nVidia Physics Pack 1 -- Anyone Tried it.

    Hi.. has any one tried this..
  17. abhinandh

    The Phun 2D Physics Sandbox

    Phun is a physics sandbox toy and educational tool. Using its simple tools and powerful physics engine, you can build complex machines or just have fun! This video should give you an idea of what you can create in Phun Phun is not open source, but can...
  18. Stuge

    FS:Books (All in X-lent condition )

    1.)Concepts of Physics :HC verma (Second Reprint 2003):Rs 50 2.)Francis A Carey (fifth Edition ) Organic Chemistry :Rs 200 3.)Sears and Zemanskys:university physics (11th Edition): Rs200 4.)Nelkon and Parker :Advanced Level Physics 7th Edition:Rs 60 Postage Extra : Cheques Accepted but...
  19. quadroplex780

    nVidia Geforce 8=Ageia PhysX

  20. Pathik

    Nvidia snaps up PhysX with Ageia buy

    Graphics firm Nvidia has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Ageia Technologies, a privately held gaming physics technology developer based in California. Ageia is best known for its PhysX software, which is shipping or in development with more than 140 PhysX-based games on Sony's...
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