Innovative topics for Class XII CBSE investigatory projects.

We have been given Chemistry and Physics projects to do and I want something different to do. There are a lot of projects to do in science but nothing that i feel is greatly "investigatory"(especially in physics) . I might have a lot of topics in my mind but i don't really remember such stuff right now. If you people could just name the topics or the basic idea i can work on would be great. I care doing this not for the marks but because I enjoy SCIENCE. One more thing is that would be great if you could suggest topics from electric circuits for physics as i have a lot of resources and of course its my interest :). I have done soldering and basic circuit since class 6th and I continue to do so.

I made my mind on a few topics like-
1. Cyclotron (Physics)
2. Amount of Caffeine in Different samples of Tea.( chemistry)

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Let your ideas flow in! please!
I need "project"

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Thank you [MENTION=118867]fz8975[/MENTION] ,im going ahead with projects on logic gates. im planning to make working models(circuits) and simple computer(calculators sort of something). Ill be posting videos on youtube for other who need help. Thanks for the topic =)

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[MENTION=142062]Flash[/MENTION] ,its a great article but im in need of projects, like something to work on or research on. These things are out of my reach. Something that can be easily sourced by the school or me would be a better option.
Im done with my physics project. No working models as my teacher didnt want us to. 9 days to end the holidays and im still left with a heck lot of work, along with all the holiday homework. please some easy peasy ideas on some chemistry project as soon as possible?
Hahaha, that's innovative, if only you could have told me earlier :(. Now I don't have time, I'll just go with what I decided. Keep posting more suggestions, other will get help.


Someone help me with a topic please! It has to be theoretical and has to be something that I can perform in the school Lab!
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