Need Phone less than Rs.8000


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I'm looking for best brand with the following criteria

- Big Display[4.5 inches and more]
- Android only
- Internal Memory of 1 GB and more
- Should run apps like Wechat, watsapp, imo, office suite, pdf viewer and apps without any issues
- Best SAR value

Is MI phones the best? I mean Redmi 3s.


How about the SAR value? It looks like Made in India or China.

From Redmi 3S Specification - Mi India

SAR information:
SAR 1g limit: 1.6W/kg
SAR Value: Head: 0.617W/Kg, Body: 0.429W/Kg (max 15mm distance)

I think same holds for the 3s Prime since only difference between them is that of the ram, internal memory size and fp reader.
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Specific absorption rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedi

Is this value acceptable before I place an order to buy?

SAR 1g limit: 1.6W/kg

Also it's not mentioned whether it's US or European standard.

Europe 2.0 W/Kg in 10g of tissue
Australia 1.6 W/Kg in 1g of tissue
US 1.6 W/Kg in 1g of tissue


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^^ That is the worst ever unboxing video I have ever seen. So much shaking, bad lighting, mobile already unboxed when the video starts ...

But at a budget of Rs. 8000/- there are way better phones. I would pick Redmi 3s over LFY Flame1 any day.


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Redmi 3s seems to be out of stock everytime the sale starts at flipkart. There is an emergency, require a phone at the earliest. Any alternatives?
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