1. NeedToKnow

    White patch at the bottom of monitor

    Hello Guys , Recently I am seeing a white patch at the bottom of my monitor , in place of the task bar . The screenshots are ok , so i guess its a problem with the monitor ( Samsung B2030 model , bought it around 2008 ) , can this be rectified ?
  2. C

    SO GTA V retail requires a 5GB day 1 update. Rockstar, are you f**king kidding me!??

    So I'm still waiting for my retail copy of GTA V (Thanks a lot, GamesTheShop), and now i'm hearing at forums, that even after taking ages, R* is NOT delivering the whole game in the retail box, but instead it has a mandatory 5GB patch...
  3. S

    Stalker Lost Alpha

    Hey DiGiT. I am A regular buyer of your magazine. This months issue which consisted of Stalker Lost Alpha had lots of problems for me! I installed stalker and started playing with minimum setting. As i played for few days, i realized there are a lot of bugs in the game. Once i tried to increase...
  4. snap

    Kite patch keeps away mosquito

    This is very much needed in india Kite Patch makes you invisible to mosquitoes | Crave - CNET
  5. anky

    batman akrham asylum patch 1.1

    hello friends.. i have been playing batman arkham asylum for a few days now...but there seemed a liitle problem in grapple at some points, so i downloaded the 1.1 patch.. but i dnt know how to install that error comes up saying batman arkham asylum was not found installed on your...
  6. CommanderShawnzer

    darksiders II vs Batman Arkham City

    i'm planning to buy one of these this weekend so please help me chose the most important question will anyone of them run on my lappie?(specs in siggy) which one is better in terms of Gameplay-both are based on some form of melee combat and platforming in sandbox world Patch size-both games...
  7. cute.bandar

    Any python expert here ?

    I wrote a small script on xp that I want to distribute. So I tried compiling it using py2exe. It compiles, but the resulting exe throws errors when run. Link to my script: [Python] import pyttsx import threading from threading import * import datetime imp - Here's my attempt...
  8. probir

    software needed

    i need a software for color printing Indian Passport size photo, Stamp Size photo, Pan Card photo. like photocool. but didn't found any working photocool crack or patch or keygen.
  9. ghantaukay

    L.A.Noire installation problem

    I have purchased LA Noire (paid,mind you).On installation I get the message that a mandatory patch needs to be downloaded.The first time i downloaded I got the full 100% download complete and after that...Nothing....I waited and waited and in the end I cancelled. I tried to reinstall the patch...
  10. RBX

    Anno 2070 patch 1.02

    I have unpatched Anno 2070 and want to apply patch 1.02. Do I need to install patch 1.01 before doing so ? Autopatcher should do it just fine but I play the game on 2 devices and would like to have an installer I can copy over to my second one. Also, my internet speed isn't quite great...
  11. gdebojyoti

    Patch to overcome 4 players limit in NFS: MW over LAN

    I am looking for some sort of a patch to overcome the maximum limit of 4 players in a single game of Need For Speed: Most Wanted over LAN. Can someone help me? Regards.
  12. abhijit_reddevil

    Problem with Crysis 2

    Hello, I have a peculiar problem with Crysis 2, don't know if anyone faced this as well. Thing is, I have successfully upgraded to patch 1.9, and installed the DX11 ultra patch and the HD texture pack. Whenever I try to load a saved game, it crashes to the desktop. I created a new profile and...
  13. bravo007

    Warranty over problems begin... DELL Inspiron..Help?

    Hi Friends, I purchased a Dell Inspiron 15r N5010 laptop last year at Rs. 35K(warranty expired in August,28:cry:) and now its started showing problem. 1. Display problem: I am getting a dark purple/Green color patch at the bottom of screen exactly the size of taskbar(in bios, safemode...
  14. V

    Off center display

    i installed dirt3 a couple o days ago. It seemed to be working fine initially but then the display suddenly went off center an in it shifted an inch to the left! leaving a blank black patch on the right. Apart from that, I am able to play the game normally. My background(wallpaper et all) ave no...
  15. Sarath

    Upgrade to Directx 11 or not?

    I recently realised that my PC has been on Directx 10 for the past 3months since its inception. However I believe that it should ne running DX11 and not DX10. But before that I would like to ask; I know its an upgrade but is it better to upgrade to DX11 in 64bit Win7. Are there any issues...
  16. win32.tr0jan

    LAN-able Racing games

    My bro recently came from abroad and brought NFS Undercover.Currently we can play multiplayer only online!...I heard that there is a patch for UC to make LAN available,for Shift too. Anyone knows more info about this patch? Which are other good Racing/Rally games that are play-able in LAN...
  17. anagh.k1


    i copied a game from my friends computer into mine.but when i try to patch into a more recent version the patch does not recognise it as installed. any help????
  18. qfunk

    Looking for a Audio Dual Jack...

    Hi! I'm looking for a audio dual jack in delhi or any nearby city. I have 2 sets of speakers each with a jack for connecting to my ipod.... I'm looking for a way to connect both of the speakers at the same time with the player, so that I can play music through one device only, but heard on both...
  19. Plasma_Snake

    DarkSector dimming down

    In DarkSector, in one earlier Boss battle too where we have to fight that thing which later turns out to be a girl, whenever I shot at it, my game used to crash so I whopped her arse with glaive alone. Now in the last level too where we have to finish of those tentacley thingys by charging the...
  20. channabasanna

    Assassin's Creed : Unable to hear the Character Voice, when interaction happens

    Hi All, Yesterday i just installed to play Assassin's Creed, after i brought the game a month ago. Playing is not a problem, but in the game play, whenever Altair meets/interacts any people and they talk. I dont hear any voice of speech, only background music will be there, Is the game like...
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