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Anno 2070 patch 1.02


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I have unpatched Anno 2070 and want to apply patch 1.02. Do I need to install patch 1.01 before doing so ?

Autopatcher should do it just fine but I play the game on 2 devices and would like to have an installer I can copy over to my second one.

Also, my internet speed isn't quite great, so it would be great if anyone could provide torrent links for the required patches (both, if both are required).


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Orbit didn't work :(

I downloaded around 80% when my "reliance" connection gave up; when I resumed after a few minutes, it stated the file was downloaded with file size being 227 Bytes.

I think I'll have to restart my search for a torrent, or one with patch in a separate file.


Search a torrent file having patch as seperate rar or zip then skip game files and download patch.
And you have to search .i can't post link for that.
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