1. socrates

    Silver Surfers are past it? Never!

    Well, much to my amusement I recently discovered that there's a new name for Internet users in my age group: We are now called "Silver Surfers" (with apparently no nod to Marvel and its superhero of the same name). Silver Surfers are past it? Never! - Computerworld
  2. D

    Recover data from dead pc

    my pc was crashing for pas few days without any known reason and i had decided to replace it, so today when i started to back up my data to my Laptop it finally became dead and i am very frightened about losing everything i had collected in the past 3-4 years. most of them are videos and photos...
  3. utkarsh007

    Windows live messenger problem

    My wlm is posing problems. it is not updating my facebook feeds for the past 26 days. plz help
  4. S

    how to save digsby past chat history in a different folder ?

    I want to save the past chat history of digsby in a different folder so that I can check it as I want. How can I do about it? Plz let me know how if you can. Thanks in advance
  5. remrow

    Games with minimum requirement 512 mb ram

    I need a list of game that can run in it I have -a geforce FX 5200 256mb graphics card - 768mb DDR1 RAM. - 3.06 ghz pentium 4 processor - 500gb HD my configuration is thing of the past, but still I have it.. So if guys know any great games that can be played on the configuration please...
  6. A

    Laptop goes Black at tilt

    My dell inspiron 1464 screen turns black when i tilt it past 90 degrees. please help:sad::-(
  7. D

    new reality show about past life

    check this out- now, Ravi kishen is going to host a reality show about past life..ohhh where are we is the standard of entertainment degrading it...
  8. Techn0crat

    Torrent help.

    I am downloading a rare torrent with only 1 seed.It is now showing 0 of 1 connected(1 in swarm).What does it mean?& how to connect that seed in swarm?I am stuck at 65.5% for past 12 hours.I don't have router.Internet cable is connected straight to MoBo(Intel DG33).I am running Windows Vista...
  9. Anorion

    By Demand [October 2009]

    The preview will be put up towards the end of this month, but go ahead with the demands. Please don't repeat anything asked in the past few months.
  10. The Conqueror

    Reservation System - Should it exist?

    Should the Reservation System exist in India??? In my Opinion,NO ,I Agree to the fact that some communities might not have got certain facilities in the past like SC/ST etc..but past is past..All are humans,Today everyone has equal rights then why the discrimination on reserving seats? Atleast...
  11. krates

    [WTF] Post count not updating ...

    :x:x:x:x:x Why the hell my post count is not updating from past 4 days :x:x:x:x:x
  12. C

    Gamespot not loading

    Gamespot website is not loading for me for the past 20 days. Do u have this problem? do u know why?
  13. patkim

    PC Auto restarts

    I have started noticing occasional automatic restarts (as if Reset button is pressed) After 2 – 3 hours of operation. I have been observing that my CPU is now getting hotter than what it would be in the past. I am wondering what would be causing it as I have not made any changes in my system...
  14. codename_romeo

    POP4 : the warrior problem

    Hey guys I am not able to get past the Warrior in the very first encounter. I know i have to push him to the corner of the fertile land and then i must push him over to get past him. But the problem lies when i take him to the corner and after he seems to begin to fall ( when i am supposed to...
  15. M

    How ThinkDigit Looked in the Past along with Current Rankings - Must Watch

    How ThinkDigit Looked in the Past: When ThinkDigit was launched: (Date for this particular archive: 11 June 2001) Some More Past Archives of ThinkDigit: 1.
  16. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Past and Present

    Past and Present. Re posted. Global Recession ! Esp IT ! Past And Present And The Best of All !!
  17. Arish

    All Past issues OF TECH MAGAZINES.

    Hi , this is Arish .i want to sell all my past issues of former CHIP , DIGIT, PC WORLD & Electronics For u . In Total There are 30 to 40 issues along with the CD/DVD. Anyone Interested in buying this stuff, please contact me . all these magazines are in very good condition also the cd,dvd. I...
  18. H

    Please Suggest A Good Game To Go For Now....

    Hi Everyone, I'm upgrading my PC this week and I am getting a new HD4850 graphics card. So I would like to know that which is the best game to go for now currently. Please suggest a good game that I should try out. I have been cut off from the gaming world for the past year or so and...
  19. keith_j_snyder2

    D-Link GLB 502T

    Selling a used D-Link GBL-502-T ADSL2+ modem. Modem is not in warranty, expired in September 2008. I will provide all accessories including box & bill. The modem is running continuously for past 6 months & still work like a charm! Expected Price: 650 shipped!
  20. amrawtanshx

    BSNL Broadband Problem

    I have been using H500 for past 2 years and it has been working fine for me. But for the past 10 days I am unable to connect.(Its in bridged mode) The window shows Verifying Username and password .... And then failed to connect to BSNL.:mad: The link is stable. The BSNL guys are trying their...
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