1. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] MSI N580GTX Lightning

    URL: Source & Time of purchase - Primeabgb, Mumbai, Aug/Sept 2011 Condition - 3/5 Reason for sale - Have upgraded Price - SOLD the GPU has seen minimal use. and was kept in the box for past more than an year. box & accessories are...
  2. mobo

    Discussion: RMA/Service Centers of PC H/W manufacturers

    So the other day I decided to search the web for the service centers of various hardware manufacturers, you know, for... 'general knowledge', and to my surprise very few have a clear cut list on their official website. While google returns plenty of results from third party websites, I can say...
  3. sygeek

    Need headphones under 3k

    Have owned an HD418/419 for past 4-5 years. Need to replace it now. How's the hd202 in comparison to hd419?
  4. mikael_schiffer

    GTX 1060 = Rs23,000 ____ RX480= Rs27,700 WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?

    Firstly, only the stock cooler designed Blower Style RX480 is available Asus Radeon RX 480 8GB GDDR5 Graphic Card (RX480-8G) Secondly, we already have after market GTX 1060, in mini ITX and AMP overclocked edition Search : gtx 1060 They said AMD is dead in India for the past 2 years. This isnt...
  5. C

    No sound when receiving a call

    I am facing this strange issue since past 2 days. I am using Redmi 2 Prime (MIUI I didn't install any new app in past 2 days. Also haven't changed any settings or installed any updates. I am unable to hear any sound when I receive any call. Even the other person isn't able to hear...
  6. B

    Windows xp crash reasons

    Hi Guys, We have a pc at home. We are using XP SP3 in it from the past many years. From the past couple of months it is crashing/getting bugged after a month or two. Say we shut the pc down properly and the next day when we start it, it will have a black screen which says start windows...
  7. RageshAntony

    How to download CHIP magazine archives ?

    How can I get past issues of Chip magazine Indian edition in PDF formats. Since the magazine is discontinued , I can buy its DVD for past issues archives. I cant get it by internet search. I want the April 2007 and April 2006 issue. I need it . pls reply
  8. scavanger007

    motherboard dead, replacement suggestions

    This is my config And athlon II x4 640 Gigabytes 880gma ud2h motherboard Gskill 4 gb ram 1tb seagate hdd Corsair cx 400 psu This config has been running well for past 4+ years, unfortunately few days ago the motherboard gave up. I want new motherboard for the same config with approx budget of...
  9. s0rdfish

    1 TB seagate not working not able to boot system

    Dear frds can any 1 help me in here i am in big trouble right now:-( in my system i have 1 TB seagate hard disk but from past few weeks when ever i was working suddenly i was getting blue screen error with some words written Word_Word_Word and i couldn't see it bcoz it would restart. now from...
  10. V

    Need ear phone IEM.. Budget max 5k

    Hey guys I have owned Tekfusion Twinwoofers for the past 1 and Half years and I absolutely loved the bass!!.. Sadly from the past week, it's not working.. Sometimes I will hear sound in right ear and sometimes in left. It would be great if you guys can suggest me some damn...
  11. I

    Steam Iron Queries

    Hello Friends! :wave: I am looking to purchase a steam iron that provides manual control, such that, a user can voluntarily press a button/nozzle to generate steam whilst ironing, as and when required. :chinscratch: I had purchased a Philips GC1905/21 Steam Iron, Philips 1900 series...
  12. layzee


    Been building this for the past two months and now its finally ready. Here are some shots: Specs here:
  13. G

    Do You Believe In Past Life?

    Do you believe in past life.Or any of Digitian had Past life therapy,regression or memory of past life,or any Metaphysical Experience.Please Share.
  14. curioustechy

    flickering monitor

    when I start my pc some times, though the system boots up & runs normally, screen flickers heavily forcing me to shut it down or restart it. when it is revved up again it works normally... it's like this for the past one month... what's going wrong
  15. R

    Good Chess Games

    I am looking for some good chess games for my 13 yrs old Kid who has crossed the Win7 default chess game and has defeated the computer many a times in the recent past. A chess game in which he can play as well as learn is needed. Regards
  16. P

    Problem in my Pc's screen

    8-) hello frnds i was using Compaq presario ALL in one pc CQ1-1030IN it was having 18.5 inch screen it is showing 3 lines on it 1) blue 2) yellow 3) pink once it was onlt one line some times it goes and then come back now they are not moving. this happen in past also but at that time...
  17. g_goyal2000

    Green pixels on laptop screen

    Hi, Since past few weeks, some random green pixels started appearing on the screen of my laptop (config mentioned in signature below). Their timing was random & not predictable. One restart & they were gone. Then later on, the screen started blacking out randomly after green pixels...
  18. I

    LAPTOP PROBLEM -Lenovo G570 boot failure...didnt started after last shutdown

    LAPTOP PROBLEM -Lenovo G570 boot failure...didnt started after last shutdown.... the only response my laptop gives is the blinking of the white light inside the power button(on pressing the power button) for a few seconds......... the problem occurred several times in the past....and...
  19. justme101

    Whatsapp on Nokia X2-01

    So i am in a office where we have decided to communicate through whatsapp and 4 out of 5 people have the nokia x2-01 cell phone. I tried to install the software on all their phones, two of them were successful and on the other two i got errors like: 1. Cannot connect to server http error #35...
  20. Renny

    Benq G2222HDL backlight bleeding

    I purchased this monitor on 1st July 2011, its not even been a year and there's some pretty heavy back-light bleeding, checkout the photo:- I've observed the bleeding only since the past few days, can't say whether it was developing gradually. Will it get worst? What could have...
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