All Past issues OF TECH MAGAZINES.

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Right off the assembly line
Hi , this is Arish .i want to sell all my past issues of former CHIP , DIGIT, PC WORLD & Electronics For u . In Total There are 30 to 40 issues along with the CD/DVD. Anyone Interested in buying this stuff, please contact me . all these magazines are in very good condition also the cd,dvd. I Will be selling at around 1000Rs. Bargaining may be done. u can also contact me at My mobile no:91+9881107986.
+how much old are magazines ??

and 30-40 issues, how are you going to send them !!

+ tell ur exact price after bargaining and all !!


Mate contact some library in your location cos it would fetch more than 1000/- surely

BTW you are arish and i am
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