1. zegulas

    What is the current price of petrol in Mumbai?

    Just want to know. It would be great if anyone could also provide prices of past years too.
  2. Micheal

    Dil ki baat.....CPU ka

    I want to and I think it is time for an upgrade (but more for enthusiasm). The items below I have will tell you what exactly needs upgrading 1) Intel Motherboard D865GBF 2) Intel Pentium 4 processor 2.80E Ghz HT based on the Prescott core. These never had the COOLing touch and pointless to...
  3. Sridhar_Rao

    software to convert swf to mpg/avi

    Hi, If anyone has idea on converting flash files (macromedia, adobe) to other video formats such as avi or mpg, please let me know them. Please suggest either an online facility for such conversion or a freeware to download. I strongly emphasise that suggestion be made purely on personal...
  4. channabasanna

    Memory Low, Please delete some data!

    Hi All, I have Nokia N73 ME mobile. I have installed few games in the memory card, not in the phone memory. From past few weeks, all of a sudden i get "Memory Low, Please delete some data!" and when i check in the memory details for phone memory it shows 67kB Free memory, or 126kB Free...
  5. A

    When is Samsung U700 gonna hit the Indian shores?

    "Read The Title plz", not in de mood to type my question again, feeling too sluggish u c... dont like typing a lot or repeating what i typed earlier, now dnt go on sayin at i cud've typed the question again instead of typin all dis...its 3.30 past midnight, n me awake frm the last 2 days, so u...
  6. gaurav_indian

    Who were you in your last life?

    Who were you in your last life? :D :D This is mine :mad:
  7. anandk

    Can you open this (Microsofts) coded door ???

    Microsoft has put on-line a new Marketing campaign related to Games for Windows. Once you get past this coded entrance door there is lots to explore and figure out. go to
  8. praka123

    AMD Considering Getting Out of Fabrication Business

    read full:
  9. T

    digit in pdf??????????/

    can any one please tell me whether this months (june) cd/dvd contains the past issues of digit in pdf can any one please tell me whether this months (june) cd/dvd contains the past issues of digit in pdf can any one please tell me whether this months (june) cd/dvd contains the past issues...
  10. Gigacore

    Top 10 downloads of the past 10 years

    Top 10 downloads of the past 10 years When CNET opened its doors in 1996, it was home to 3,000 small shareware and freeware applications. Online software distribution was still in its infancy. What a difference a near-decade makes! Since 1996, we've watched the rise of instant...
  11. premsharma

    Suggest motherboard for AMD X2 5600+

    I have decided to own X2 5600+ or X2 5200+. Please suggest me suitable and futuristic motherboard for this. SLI / Crossfire not required, No overclocking. Gaming & multimedia are the requirements. Right now both with & without onboard graphics can be suggested. Also any guess, whether I should...
  12. paragkalra

    Is BWTORRENTs blocked like DEMONOID...

    I am a BSNL DATAONE BROADBAND UNLIMITED USER........ I am not being able to access BWTORRENTS from past few days.... Whats going on behind the scenes.........?????
  13. shantanu

    Bill Gates in DANGER

    Hi friends!! Mexican Businessman Charlos Helu becomes the second richest person,0,635263.story?coll=sns-ap-business-headlines PS: Article was compiled by me... :p
  14. Josan

    Vista and Xp Both on one pc

    Hello ,i want to hav both xp and vista on one pc, i hav allready tried ,by installing xp on C drive and then installing vista on D ,but after instalation vista only vista works ,i hav no past experience with (xp-98 combination) plz help me
  15. iMav

    my pc is hanging

    well as i hv earlier also posted abt my monitor going blank problem my pc has started hanging frequently also .... generally happens wen i use apps like azureus and lime wire .... never happened in the past 2 years ... and now suddenly no error no nothing and pc just hangs or starts going blank...
  16. iMav

    cctv to pc

    how can this be achieved how can i connect a cctv to my desktop and have it store the vdo for say the past 12hrs ...
  17. rajasekharan

    Is history set to repeat itself.....???????

    scientist found that the sekletons they unearthed in jodhpur contained were 50 radio active than normal ones.......
  18. M

    digit cd's on sale

    past cd's and dvd's on sale CD + DVD =RS 60
  19. Kiran.dks

    FLASH! How our brain ’sees’ the future?

    How our brain ’sees’ the future? No, I'm not talking about people who say they can predict the future, such as fortune-tellers. On the contrary, this post is about a process that our brain is using extensively and routinely. When you think about your next meal at a favorite restaurant, your...
  20. sam_1710

    POP:T2T problem!!

    How am i to continue the game from here, dunno wat to do!!(stuck for the past 2 days!!!) Click here for the image!!
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