1. P

    puzzling 691 error question

    hi, i have a very annoying problem that has been driving me crazy for the past five days. i have a sify dial-up connection(one of those 3months deal for Rs.399.) for the past three years which gave me no problems until now. every time i try to connect to the net, i get a error 691 which says...
  2. Binay 007

    wait wait wait........

    I m belong to a small city name Jharsuguda ,Does any body have any idea why airtel & reliance broadband facility is not yet here while bsnl is allready at here im tied up with my dialup ,i had applyed for the bb service already but still im in waiting list from past 2 month they say ports r not...
  3. harikatt

    Any body want to grab digit and chip copies from its birth

    hi. i am a regular subscriber from past days, I have all the copies from the past birth of the chip and digit monthly copies. I am wish to sell all of them even with including the CD.s and DVD along with them. Is anybody interested in having them all ,,, :p
  4. mayneu


    Can Anyone Pls Tell Me Where Can I Get The Invitation For And I Am Searching For It Desperately From The Past 1 Month..... Kindly Send Me One, I Promise That I Willl Maintain Good Ratio.....
  5. FatBeing

    [By Demand] Digit December 2006 Special Issue

    Begin! Addendum: The CD/DVD will contain the PDFs of past Digit and Fast Track issues, so rest assured there.
  6. mikeon

    Hissing Sound/Disturbance Coming From Speakers/Sound Card !

    YO PEOPLE OF DA COMMUNITY !! This is my first post and I have to start off with a problem, please try to help. For the last past few days, I am getting a hissing/crackling sound kinda like disturbance coming through the speakers as if you're frying something on a frying pan ! It's not the...
  7. N

    yahoo messenger problem how 2 solve it?

    I m facing one strange problem with Y! Messenger. For the past few days, whenever I sign in to Y! messenger, i can see offline messages just for 1 or 2 seconds and the window containing offlines automatically gets close.. so i m missing many important msgs for past few days .. pls help
  8. B

    America threatens India

    What exactly do these Americans think of themselves?. I mean, just look at the language that this American politicial has used. Its very disturbing. i do not want India to become just another puppet state of the USA. India has never taken any bull**** from these Americans in the past. I hope...
  9. anandk

    viruslibrary a nice informative site... ...There have been 32 new viruses discovered in the past 30 days. There are 8 active viruses today....more there....
  10. A

    Microsoft Announces Vista Hardware Requirements

    Microsoft announces requirements for Windows Vista Capable" and "Windows Vista Premium Ready" PCs Microsoft today laid out the groundwork for what constitutes a "Windows Vista Capable" and "Windows Vista Premium Ready" PC. The actual final specifications for Microsoft's next generation...
  11. H

    Quake 4 : Stuck in the MCC landing site.. HELP!!

    Please help me. I'm stuck in the MCC landing site, i'm unable to find a way to open that door, I couldn't get past those boxes kept at the other entrance... Please help...
  12. D

    How could i enter previous month codes of digitpatron

    Hello! its piyush yadav I had bought the october issue of digit, but i didn't enter the digitpatron code in that very month. Please tell me if there is a way to enter the past month codes in my digitpatron account??? if yes, then how?
  13. Apollo

    Thunderbird setup help

    I jut downloaded Thuderbird(to complement Mozilla Firefox). I've never used an email client like Outlook Express or Thunderbird before... so I need some help. I can't seem to get past this page. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!
  14. S

    HALO 2 to pc a dream

    Halo: combat evolved was rockin stuff , man the soundtrack story tellin gameplay endin were awesome stuff not forgetin CORTANA the fem A.i , i almost fell in love with her taht was past stuff does anyone of u think will halo2 will relaesd in pc platform its almost 3/4 a yr its...
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