Best gprs usb modem


need unlocked gprs modem for low price under 2000

which one is the best available for this option
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GPRS modem?? never heard ...and for GPRS u wanna spend 2k

y not 3g or WCDMA wimax etc

Ok please post this query in "Broadband & COmmunication section" u will definitely get better answers


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Anything will fit your budget, nowadays Huawei 7.2mbps (unlocked 3g modem) is available at 1.7k.. you can even buy a 3.6mbps 3g modem at 1.5k..

I m using Idea Net setter 3g ( 3.6mbps unlocked) and its doing great.. Got it for 1.7k


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I wd sujst alakatel 3g usb modem speed 3.6 mbps and it comes with price Tag 1799/-
its a gud choice..
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