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  • E5 option can be considered.. bt its cost is 9k+.. i think C5 will be better choice..

    what thing you felt missing in this phone??? any small feature or something??
    music, display, hang issue, contact,image/video playback,/gallery, memory card, speed of phone, and Document Reader, ... And also does it has Dictionary inbuilt?

    one of the frnd who is using this from 6 months said "i am using the phone since 6 months, the steel keypad with home, navigation and C keys and metal plate is just of POORQUALITY it dont sustain long and even back cover starts giving patches even you use carefully all discussed above when i apporoached nokia service they told cosmetics warranty for just 3 months only AND COSTS 475/-TO REPLACE apart from this phone is OK.
    But SAD to tell a standard company like NOKIA giving warranty for just 3months regarding mentioned above NOW YOU CAN JUDGE THE QUALITY REGARDING THE ABOVE SAID"...
    thanks for putting some light on C5 features..
    actually i need a phone for my dad.. he wont need touchscreen..
    his main requirement are good talk time,battery backup, bright colorful screen.. and this phone has such features besides some extra features like GPS, flash, 3G ,document reader.

    bt if there is any android phone within same budget and completes my main requirement.. you can let me knw.. that wud be helpful..
    i want to purchase a new phone.. till now i liked c5.. can you help me out.. is this phone really worth? are you having some issues with this phone??
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