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buying e90 - give me your opinion/experience

Nokia E90 is..

  • It has lots defects.. checkout my post for details

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  • So So, Instead by this mobile of my choice details are in my post

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hi friends

i am going to buy nokia e90 in few days.. Does any one has it?

Please give me your opinion

Any defect you find? write it here!

What function you like most? write it here!



Hang oin to your horses man. it is still too expensive to offer value for money. The device is great and all but it is still too expensive for waht you aactually get. Let it come down in price to somewhere around 20,000 rs.


^^ agreed. it is one of the most powerful ultra-portable devices out there. But I would say wait. Do not pay more than 20-25k for it.

If you are ready to spend 30-35k, get a laptop instead! If you just want a good business phone, settle for a blackberry. The pearl is nice!

If you want something for flaunt value, nothing beats the iPhone.


i have laptop .. i just want a phone which has qwerty keyboard and decent resolution.. it will help to check websites, designs emails while i am on travel.. i am designer so big screen is plus...

money is not a big problem.. i just need a decent phone.. nokia e90 has evertything which i want

wifi, big screen, qwerty keyboard, + good camera
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