1. evewin89

    fake or REAL?

    Flag this message Conratulation!!! Friday, 9 October, 2009 12:24 AM From: "YAHOO MSN LOTTERY INC ®" <> Add sender to Contacts To: undisclosed-recipients Dear Winner This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of (SevenHundred Fifty Thousand,Great Britain Pounds...
  2. Disc_Junkie

    Game: 0 -----500-----1000

    This is a game which I found in a community of Orkut....we have a base number as 500. The people who have their TDF ids starting with the letters between A and M will add +5 to the number and try to make it 1000 and the ones who have their ids starting with letters between N to Z will try to...
  3. sandeepkochhar

    Phone Stolen in Delhi; Have to retreive number

    Day before yesterday my Virgin phone was stolen in DTC Bus. Now I want to retrieve the same number. I had made a complaint in the nearest Police station.With that copy I went to several Virgin outlets but all the Virgin Kiosks are saying it is not possible because Blank SIM of Virgin is not...
  4. G

    pls help loosin money with unecessary VAS- +52906 cric alert

    HI guys, am a bsnl cellone no starts like 94920xxxxx from past two days i have been getting cricket alerts from number +52906. I have not subscribed to its at all. I am getting it every 2 hours a message.Today i lost Rs50 exactly after two days from 24/09.I din even get a message...
  5. NewsBytes

    Number portability postponed by 3 months to end of 2009

    The mobile number portability project is one of the most ambitious and long-awaited moves in the telecom sector in India. But as the scheduled kick-off date of September 20 draws nearer, the Indian Government has yet again thrown a spanner into the cogs and postponed the implementation date by...
  6. V

    Blocking Unwated Divert Calls.

    Hello, I'm having a strange problem and i will be very glad if someone can help me out. It seems someone has diverted his/her call to my number. So when that person is busy/not available it gets diverted into my mobile. We get a small arrow mark before the number when such calls are received...
  7. NucleusKore

    Inexpensive Thin Printable Batteries Developed

    Source: * For a long time, batteries were bulky and heavy. Now, a new cutting-edge battery is revolutionizing the field. It is thinner than a millimeter, lighter than a gram, and can be produced cost-effectively through a printing...
  8. max_demon

    Reliance CDMA Querry

    Hello friends my Reliance CDMA phone also went dead , it was normally useless set but the phone number was very important to me . what is the procedure to get the phone number back and how much it will cost?
  9. a_to_z123

    Unusual Torrent Behaviour

    Hello guys. I'm experiencing a strange behaviour when downloading torrents. Its like this:- Torrents with huge number of seeders & leechers give extremely slow speed while downloading, and those with comparatively very few or limited number give extremely high speeds. Its the...
  10. NucleusKore

    TRAI issues draft norms for number portability

    Source: * India's Telecom regulator TRAI unveiled on Tuesday the draft regulations for the introduction of mobile number portability (MNP), which allows consumers to change their telecom operator...
  11. bukaida

    a variable number of inputs using JAVASCRIPT for PHP to insert MYSQL

    First let me start out by saying I am a beginner so I apologize in advance if what I ask is too fundamental. I am accessing a MYSQL database through a web browser and I am entering data into data tables using PHP. The problem I am facing is that the number of input rows on the web...
  12. Sridhar_Rao

    Need help with mySQL statement

    I need help with SQL statement. Here is the structure of the table +-------+---------------+ | slno | labno | +-------+---------------+ | 1 | 5 | +-------|---------------| | 1 | 6 | +-------|---------------| | 2 |...
  13. NucleusKore

    Nigerian Scam?

    I received a telephone call today evening from a private number? id barred? It dropped before i could answer it. In a few seconds I got another call from this number 00234018120154 I am enclosing the call transcript unedited/amplified. * So I...
  14. jatt

    wrong prooves submitted for airtel number

    Dear friends, One person in my local area given wrong proves of mine for airtel no. to activate.i come to known from my best friend that somebody given my proves for a no. of airtel to activate.but now the problem is that I taken total 8 number from that dealer,but he is not telling me a one...
  15. lahratla

    How to know a mobile no.

    A friend of mine recently bought a cheap mobile phone from someone. It came with an Airtel prepaid sim card already installed, however he didn't get the number. Is there any way to find out the number without dialing customer support or first recharging with a voucher? There is no balance in the...
  16. Faun

    India: 153 new MPs are 'tainted'

    At least 153 of the newly-elected MPs in India have criminal cases pending against them, according to a study by civil society groups. Groups working on electoral reforms say the opposition BJP has the highest number of tainted MPs at 43 while the Congress party is number two with 41...
  17. K

    TEAC Service Centres in New Delhi?

    Hey, I bought a TEAC music system (2.1) from a shop in Khan Market, That guy gave me a service centre number, Now the bloody thing breaks down and the service centre number doesn't exist. Anyone know of a service centre in delhi? Google didn't help much.
  18. veddotcom

    Adding SBI Account at PAYPAL

    I just wanna confirm that I have 17 digit Account Number in which First SIX digits are ZERO, Then SHould i use All 17 digit number there of last 11 digit (Excluding 6 Zeros).
  19. P

    Another forum software bug/anomaly

    Coming back after an absence of several months, I've noticed that the number of views for a thread is always one more than the number of replies. If you add the OP's post, the number of views is always equal to the number of posts in a thread. This means that no one views a thread without...
  20. krates

    Adding polls to threads whenever you feel like....

    Well recently figured out this trick :) Result * ^^ check out this thread there was not a poll there before... Requirements *You have to be the owner of the thread... Open your thread like...
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