1. P

    Another forum software bug/anomaly

    Coming back after an absence of several months, I've noticed that the number of views for a thread is always one more than the number of replies. If you add the OP's post, the number of views is always equal to the number of posts in a thread. This means that no one views a thread without...
  2. krates

    Adding polls to threads whenever you feel like....

    Well recently figured out this trick :) Result ^^ check out this thread there was not a poll there before... Requirements *You have to be the owner of the thread... Open your thread like...
  3. T

    how to change hdd serial number

    hi i want to know is there any facility to change hard disk serial number and pen drive serial number
  4. A

    Intel to launch Core i7 920 D0 revision on March 2nd

    Intel to launch Core i7 920 D0 revision on March 2nd cosmetic ink swatch, requires BIOS update On March 2nd, Intel is planning to release a D-0 revision of its highly popular Core i7 920 chip, which is currently using C-0 stepping. Enthusiasts need not worry though, as there is literally no...
  5. T

    Finding function run time in C/C++

    How can I find the time taken by a function during function executiong? time_t and clock function give time in mili second range, but I want time in micro/nano second range as using these time comes out to be 0. The only solution I could find was making a loop run a large number of time and...
  6. K

    Ishu Where R U?

    Hi All, Any one know Ishu Sharma from Medical college 2nd year student with mobile number ~snipped~. Please let me know her new number. Few lost freinds wants to come togather again. Kedar Thanks we will be in touch
  7. T

    Dentist ?

    Hi..I am from Chennai..If there is any vacancy for a Dentist in CHennai do let me know number - <snip> take care..:p
  8. K

    Need to convert to a DVD to 700mb avi format....

    Can any one suggest a software for converting a full dvd into a 700 mb file in avi format with same quality........i see a large number of files being transfered like that in the websharing sites
  9. ax3

    Beware an Orkut Trojan

    Google's social-networking website Orkut has been used to spread a malicious Trojan, says Websense. According to an alert from the security firm, the hoax message, which has been received by a number of Orkut users and is written in Portuguese, looks like it comes from a lonely Orkut member...
  10. New

    I won One Million Great Britain Pounds!!

    Your email address as indicated was drawn and attached to ticket number 001768432463 with serial numbers FTS/8070337201/06 and drew the lucky numbers 15-22-24-48-50-37(30) which subsequently won you 1,000,000.00 (One Million Great Britain Pounds).from the U.K The draws registered as Draw number...
  11. casanova

    Firefox - Extreme Torture

    I was using Opera since years when I finally started using FF3 after its launch. With some nice add-ons I became more inclined towards firefox. But what I hated about FF3 was it died with 100-120 open tabs on my 2GB RAM while Opera easily chewed 200+ tabs. After some tweaking (not with the ini...
  12. F

    Which TFT monitors are the best in the market?

    Hi people, Can you guide me which 19" TFT monitors are the best in quality, life and performance? LG? Samsung? or any other one? Please give the model number too. Thanks
  13. C

    [TUTORIAL]Speed up your uTorrent downloads

    This is a great way to speed up your torrent downloads, the speed increments are superb! First of all, if you want to download anything from P2P networks, the best torrent client to use is uTorrent. It's heavy on features, and light on size. As of now, the best version of uTorrent to use is...
  14. gauravsuneja

    anybody coming to india? i want the iphone from usa

    anybody coming to india? i want the iphone from usa plz help ? unlocked or locked if anyone my number is <snip>
  15. ashfame

    Microsoft &amp; Google Interview Questions &amp; Answers

    Google Interview Questions & Answers 1. How many golf balls can fit in a school bus? 2. You are shrunk to the height of a nickel and your mass is proportionally reduced so as to maintain your original density. You are then thrown into an empty glass blender. The blades will start...
  16. webgenius

    Problem with e-bay payment

    Hi, I purchased an item in ebay today. I gave my credit card info, and after clicking on the SUBMIT button I got no confirmation regarding the purchase. But when I saw the number of items remaining with the seller, it was down by one. How do I know now whether the purchase was successful or not?
  17. Maverick340

    Time Duration Cell Format in Excel

    I am making a worksheet in which i need to calculate the total hours of duration. I have a cell column which has number of hours in the format of hh:mm. See the below screenshot of further details : What i want is the total number of hours/minutes at the end. However the format i have set...
  18. jal_desai

    Tutorial: Boot Vista 60+ seconds faster ! (Level: Beginner)

    I donno if this has been posted before, but this will be very helpful for those who dont know. So you have your own Vista PC or a laptop which indirectly means you most probably have a multi-core CPU. Read further only if you have more than one core in your CPU because everything that follows...
  19. pritish_kul2

    Help Me!!!!!

    Ok, now first let me talk abt my problem. A programme called AstroUncle comes on Aaj Tak Tez. In that they give a number and today the number given was mine(cannot disclose it). So i've been getting calls from all over India. So, i am asking you ppl can i sue them?
  20. T

    user creation in linux

    Hi Friends, how to create new user in linux tell me detailed procedure n how to find user id number n group id number....
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