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  1. E

    [0-2K ] Need a bassy iem

    hey guys need an iem under 2k. SQ preference:earth shattering bass..basically i am a basshead.so need an iem according to that. these iems must be bassier than the note 2's iem.one more request kindly post the online store link of the iems better if COD.
  2. S

    Want a new smartphone , short-listed on note 2 and xperia z

    hi people i was just going to buy a smartphone for my dad after my exams. I liked those Note 2 and xperia z . I know that Xperia z is still new and has some nasty issues but its design touched my heart , also its waterproof and dust proof with dragontrail glass up its sleeves. I'm leaning a...
  3. kantiman

    Note 800 or note 8

    Hello friends, I am getting an offer to buy samsung Note 800 (10.1) for 20k which is just 2 months old and almost brand new and original cost being 35k. I am having dilemma whether to buy it or wait for Note 8. Apart from processor and screen size I don't find much difference between them...
  4. nick191

    Flashing NOTE to 4.2.2...Need Help

    Hi guys i have GT-N7000 and now i want to Flash it to Custom ROM (JB 4.2.2) because the last update it too Shitty from Sammy sucks my battery backup So can you give me some links or guide that How can i Flash it to 4.2.2(safely),there is ant way to Flash it using Odin ? coz m using Odin to...
  5. S

    Galaxy s4 or galaxy note 2:which one to buy?

    Which one to buy among the two? Galaxy s4 or galaxy note 2?
  6. quagmire

    Galaxy Note 8.0 - Can it beat N7 and iPad Mini?

    Specs: 8-inch screen 1280x800 pixels with a 189 ppi Unidentified 1.6GHz quad-core A9 and 2GB of RAM.(Acc. to Cnet) Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean), Wi-fi-only(In US),In international markets 3G (HSPA+ 21) 32GB and 64GB model with microSD slot 5-megapixel back camera,IR blaster,S-Pen. What...
  7. M

    Galaxy note 2 DOA Pls help Urgent

    Hi I bought a note 2 through ebay seller Zoomin on 8th feb 2013. Got the phone on 13 Feb. Used the phone for 2 days and there was battery drain. Did the normal checks but still the battery drain was increasing like hell to the state wherein fully charged mobile went down to 50% in an hour...
  8. K

    Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note II?

    Hello guys, I'm planning to buy a mobile around 36k and i'm stuck on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note II. Can u suggest one or any other under the mentioned budget. :) Waiting for your replies :)
  9. K

    About samsung grand....

    Form factor and weight – a tad lighter than the Note II Weighing in at 162 grams, Galaxy Grand is 20 grams lighter than Note II. It’s also a few millimetres less in height and width, but the Note II is slimmer than the Grand by a fraction of a millimetre. Wi-Fi – Dual-band, 802.11 ‘n’ Like...
  10. anmolksharma

    Review - Samsung Galaxy Grand – The New Mid-range Segment King!

    Complete set of pictures on In Search Of My Kind Of World & The Story So Far: Review - Samsung Galaxy Grand – The New Mid-range Segment King! Samsung recently launched its new phablet sporting a 5.0 inch screen, 1.2GHz dual core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal storage (expandable to 64GB)...
  11. H

    Confused...Samsung Note 1 or optimus vu

    I need a phablet with an active digitizer was planning to buy Galaxy note one. But now LG optimus Vu is also in the same price bracket (26k) So I need your opinion and reviews of both the phones I am not going for note 2 as its >30k Not interested in cheap phablets like micromax/spice etc...
  12. S

    us bought galaxy note ii

    dear all can any one suggest who is authorised to unlock us bought galaxy note ii (with AT&T)in india bangalore? are they reliable?
  13. NoasArcAngel

    8 inch galaxy note, coming 2013 MWC.

    8-inch Galaxy Note to be announced at MWC looks like the game is about to change. very very fast, will xperia Z still win hearts? or will the GS4 change the rules? wait and watch :D :drool: over specs
  14. D

    Lumia 920 or Galaxy Note II

    I am going to purchase a new phone today or tomorrow as my current phone is giving me a lot of trouble. now i have made two conclusions Nokia Lumia 920 or Samsung Galaxy Note II both phone comes under similar price category. 920 for 36k & Note II for 34k Lumia...
  15. E

    cases and screen gaurd for note 2

    hello guys!!!!!i have bought a samsung galaxy note 2 recently so i want to protect it from scratches,dust etc.i have bought some covers for my note 2 but i feel that they are not good enough.please suggest some hybrid back cases for my phone(not flip covers).my budget is 1.5k.other case that...
  16. H

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Discussion Thread

    Hi Guys, THis is the thread for all Note 2 owners. Please share your best apps, tools tips for Note 2. For starters.. IS anyone facing issue with S-pen like hovering issue ?
  17. TheMost

    S3 or original NOTE ?

    I own a galaxy note N7000 - 11 months old ... My friend knows some person in a mobile shop and he says that if i give my Note + 5000 Rs he could get me a New unboxed S3 indian version .. I am seriously freakinn out .. whether to say OK or not I however have the below problems with my Galaxy...
  18. 101gamzer

    Huawei unveils 6.1 inch monster Android phone

    Now Note II is just a kid in front of this...:-? Can it still be called a phone or is it a tablet with a calling function? You decide.:| I bet after this you will think what about an ipad phone :-D When the Galaxy Note was first announced, it was blasted for being too big for a phone and...
  19. H

    Samsung Galaxy s3 Or Samsung Note 2

    Guys I know there was a similar thread for the same but as I thought my requirement was a bit different, decided to start this thread. I have zeroed down to S3 and note 2 and went to the Samsung store to check them personally.. As I am planning to buy one of them before the year end...
  20. A

    galaxy note II or galaxy S3?

    i want to buy a phobe and shortlisted these two. i live in hostel and travel very less(once a week for city) so no problem for carrying. i play very less games but watch a lot of movies. lot of means really alot. i have confusion between the quality of screen. S3 have a higher ppi but have a...
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