1. Shah

    Smartphone under 35k

    1. Budget? 35k INR Max. Can't extend further. 2. Display type and size? 4+". AMOLED 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? Open to all brands. But, Samsung has better service centre in my place of stay. 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad...
  2. Rohan_B

    Best Price for Galaxy Note

    Hey guys, My friend wants to buy a Galaxy Note. He is open to buying online provided it is a trusted website(Flipkart, Letsbuy etc). also if you know any Place In Delhi where I can get a better price do tell me. So please help me out guys!! Thanks!! :D :D
  3. S

    Which Phone - Iphone 4s / Galaxy Note / Motorola Razr

    Hi Folks , It's time to upgrade my old cell phone. And i am looking between these Apple I Phone 4s / Motorola Razr / Samsung Galaxy Note or S II .. Kindly suggest which one to opt. .
  4. maverick786us

    Galaxy Note

    Why is this Galaxy Note so much premiumed? 34K? I am planning to buy one once they release a white version
  5. S

    galalxy note for 28.5k

    take a look here - Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 now for Rs. 28,490. - Sulekha Offers
  6. socrates

    Exclusive : Samsung Note not selling as expected

    Exclusive : Samsung Note not selling as expected |
  7. lll_aritra_lll

    Galaxy Note Podcast

    Samsung galaxy note released today 5.3" HD super amoled+ screen, 8.1 mp HD camera and with S pen, its available for 34,990/- :x Podcast : live Webcast : Launch of Samsung Galaxy Note the best thing is that, someone asked them about custom roms, and whats their step on that, the director...
  8. A

    Experience Of IT TRAVELERS GO! Organised by Taiwan Ministry

    Hy Friendz.. Check out this facebook note on my experience of an international event viz. IT TRAVELERS GO ! held by taiwan ministry. I was amongst top 10 from india. check this note for more details, and do reply how was it ..?? Link ------------>> Log In | Facebook
  9. J

    Samsung galaxy note

    hi, Whats launch date in INdia? What will be approx price? Thx
  10. coderunknown

    [GIVEAWAY] CyberLink PhotoDirector 2011 Beta + chance to get full version for free

    Just fill in the details & you'll receive an email with further instructions:Giveaway Link Note 1: this is a trial & valid for 90days only. Note 2: To receive the full version of the software after it is released, participants must be over 18 years of age and provide feedback to a designated...
  11. omega44-xt

    450w psu

    I'm planning to purchase a 450W PSU for my PC. Following PSUs are available in my city : - Intex 450 W @ Rs 650 - Mercury 450 W @ Rs 650 - Oddessy 450 W @ Rs 750 - Frontech 450 W @ Rs 680 Which one of the following is the best ? Note: It is difficult to get any other brand PSU , so...
  12. R

    SMPS Suggestions

    Can any1 Suggest SMPS for the config below -) E7500 Intel Core2Duo [stock] -) -) 4GB Ram ddr2 -) 9400GT [ if i remove 9400gt from pc how much will b the power consumption ? -) Please suggest SMSP for this config With and without GFX card -) 1 Pata HD , 1 Sata HD -) 1 DVD...
  13. Gaurav265

    need help about softwares important !

    hi,friends i need name of some softwares and your ideas how to do.problem is, i want to write notes on physics class 12th cbse.this is competion in My friends that whose note is beter.IN My pc i think write it in ms word but there is problem about figures ,how to make figures of...
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