1. G

    Is it the right time to Buy NOTE 3?

    Hello, to all of you. Actually, I want to buy Note 3, I like to ask, Is it the right time to buy this handset? or in very near time, Are some handsets coming? I also want to say, Please someone update the street price of Note 3.Also please tell for which should I go for Indian or Us? Hope to...
  2. C

    Advice for New Phablet and Samsung note II queries.

    Hi guys, Some days back while I was updating My Note II , through kies, the mobile was stuck in between and rebooted. From then, when ever I try to boot its not booting at all , not even the welcome screen of Samsung is showing up. Also the mobile is not even booting to recovery mode. I...
  3. Arnab boss

    how r chinese made copy android mobiles...

    hello guys..,i hav been to china recently for vacation....i had been to a electronics super mall over there and i was shocked and amazed to c mobiles frm local manufactured companies....:shock::shock::shock: they hav copied models from every leading mobile companies..b it nokia lumia series to...
  4. quagmire

    Xolo Play Tegra Note listed on Flipkart for Rs 18,990

    XOLO Play Tegra Note Tablet Price in India - Buy XOLO Play Tegra Note Tablet 16 GB Online - XOLO: - Source
  5. A

    Galaxy Note 2 cover

  6. Monty104b

    Best allrounder laptop under 50k

    PURPOSE-gaming and occasional multitasking BUDGET- 50K SIZE-14"-16" HDD STORAGE-preferably 500gb and above BATTERY BACKUP-4 hrs of normal usage.willing to shell about 7k more for a better one DVD Writer-Yes (no ultrabooks please) OPTIONAL SPECS-intel haswell(4th gen proc),1TB...
  7. furious_gamer

    No Sound from TV while playing from XBox 360

    Yes, finally i got Xbox, connected it to my TV(This one) through the Component cable. All is well, display is fine, but no audio. Can someone help me here? What i am missing? Note : I have connected PC Speaker in headphone jack of TV for audio output and i also connected 2 HDMI cables(1 for...
  8. Theodre

    Is galaxy Note 3 Really Worth 48k??

    I was planning on buying the Samsung galaxy note 3 till morning until when i bumped into some websites stating the cons of the product which is the latest flagship of the korean giant!! I am now confused between three phones and for good reasons... 1. Nexus 5 : Mainly because it has an 8MP...
  9. ZTR

    Official CyanogenMod installer is now available in the Google Play Store

    Finally it is out! Official CyanogenMod installer is now available in the Google Play Store - GSMArena Blog Epic news as now anyone can install CM with ease lol List of supported devices: Google Nexus S Google Nexus S 4G Google Galaxy Nexus (GSM) Google Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) Google Galaxy...
  10. G

    Dealer price of samsung galaxy note 3

    Hello, to all of you. Can some one tell me the dealer price of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3? I really need this price.Hope to see some replies soon.Thank You. Regards, GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK
  11. M3gaTron

    [Want to Buy] Smartphone for 18k-20k

    Hi all. Im looking for a smartphone. Budget is 18k -20k. Budget can be stretched. :) Note 2 highly prefered :) Thanks
  12. suarezian

    [Want to Buy] Samsung Galaxy Note

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a Samsung galaxy Note. PM me if anyone interested. I'm also ready for exchange of my Xperia Neo v + Cash offer.
  13. sling-shot

    Suggestion for Android application developers

    Recently I have bought my first Android device in the form a Sony Xperia ZR. I have been using its in-built Notes application. The good points regarding this are : [1] It has a widget that does not occupy the full screen. It occupies may be around 1/4th of the screen area of this phone. This...
  14. A

    Mobile charger question

    My galaxy note 2 charger details are as follows: 150 - 300 volts 0.35 A, 5V = 2.0 A. As you can see this charger is good for working in India but cannot be used in Japan or USA where the power supply is around 100 Volts. Now my question is that I have another charger of galaxy fit...
  15. vijju6091

    [Want to Buy] Looking for SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 2

    Hi I am Looking for Samsung galaxy note 2 if anyone interested then PM me.
  16. A

    The Samsung galaxy note 3

    Anyone having any idea of the note 3??
  17. C

    Note3 do check the model number - N9005 !!!

    Hi guys, I am somewhat astonished to see there is no discussion going on about samsung note 3 in this technology geek forum Well I share my friends exp: Note 3 available in 3 models : 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 with 3G connectivity (Exynos 5...
  18. nikufellow

    Samsung caught cheating again - this time in Note 3!

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 was caught ramping up its GPU clock speed when running a benchmark, so naturally the Galaxy Note 3 was under suspicion too. Thanks to some excellent detective work by Ars Technica , now we have a confirmation. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 (the Snapdragon 800) version...
  19. randomuser111

    Samsung launches Note 3 at 49900, Gear smartwatch at 22900

    Samsung has launched the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 3 smartphone in India along with its sidekick, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The flagship smartphone will set you back by a lofty ₹49,900, whereas the Galaxy Gear smartwatch comes at a similarly expensive ₹22,900 price tag. The Indian model...
  20. $hadow

    Galaxy Note 3 For 49,000

    Samsung is going to launch note 3 for 49k and a bit more than that rumors says that it will be priced around 47k but it is listed for 49k how many of us are looking forward towards pre-ordering it. And how much justified is the price?
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