1. V

    best anti virus software

    i need i anti virus software Eset Smart Security Version 6 Eset Smart Security Version 6 1 PC 1 Year - Buy Eset Smart Security Version 6 1 PC 1 Year Online at Best Prices in India - Eset | or Norton Internet Security 2013 Norton Internet Security 2013 1 PC 1 Year - Buy...
  2. P

    Which one's a better protection suite for a Windows 7 pc - Kaspersky pure 3.0 or Norton 360

    Guys! I am confused which one to buy - Kaspersky pure 3.0 or Norton 360 for my windows 7 pc! both have much to offer on hand. Currently I am checking out kaspersky pure 3.0 and wanted to know if Norton 360 is any better? and how?
  3. ShankJ

    Vercuser B

    Recently encountered the Vercuser B virus.. All the .exe files became corrupt and vlc/Km player/ tune-up utilities started showing "dll corrupt" error on trying to execute.. The virus wouldn't allow Norton Power Eraser to run or any other online virus removal software to run on the laptop...
  4. ghantaukay

    kaspersky over reacting

    I had been using Norton antivirus for several years. Now I have switched to Kaspersky.I now am plagued by BSODs and my browsing history gets deleted everytime I restart. Why is this? Can anyone tell me how I can stop this delete history action that comes up everytime I start my pc? I dont want...
  5. digitaltab

    norton user interface is fading

    hi all, i have just installed norton 360 beta 2013, and the problm that its user interface screen is completely fading. i've attached following pic to show. please suggest what could be the problem and its solution. thanks. EDIT: it also happened with norton 2012 trial version. that was long...
  6. Shibaprasad

    Help buying Norton Internet Security 2012

    I have Norton Internet Security 2011 in my netbook and it is going to end in 1 month. I brought it from Norton India website. Now I want to purchase Norton Internet Security 2012. On Norton site it costs Rs. 1,219.99 and on flipkart it is Rs. 936 So from where I should buy this product
  7. S


    i have 1GB DDR2 RAM.My computer is not working at a very good speed.It sometimes gets hanged.i scaned and defragged my laptop .i have norton antivirus i have to buy a new RAM?if so can you tell me the prices...
  8. samudragupta

    my anti virus is about to expire

    hi friends as the topic explains, my anti virus norton internet security 2011 which came preloaded with my laptop is about to expire in 4 days. should i upgrade to norton internet security 2012 or kaspersky internet security 2012? i had used kaspersky on my old compaq and was great anti virus...
  9. M

    free alternative software like norton ghost

    Friends suggest me some free alternative.
  10. A

    PC Backup & Restore

    Hello Tech People, I have seen the Backup Restore CD from Siemens (For Automation Industrial PC) in that while Restoring the Backup it will ask for the All the Setting which is Done when configuring the Machine Like PC name, Password & Network Setting, they have used the Norton Ghost...
  11. A

    Choosing the best Antivirus

    Hello Gurus, My bundled trend security subscription expires today and I am in desperate need of the perfect antivirus(if smthing as such exists) for my Vaio. I am running windows 7 hp x64. do the free ones such as MSE and Bitguard stand a chance against Norton and McAffee? Options I have...
  12. A

    getting redirected on firefox.

    Many times when i click on a link i get redirected to sites like and IS it a virus . i have norton 2011 and it doesnt show any problem how do i solve it?
  13. T

    Symantec Virus (Norton)

    Hi Friends, Today I was using my computer with Norton Endpoint Protection Installed and suddenly some thing different happened see the screen shots: Symantec Endpoint Protection is detecting its own files as VIRUS Even Microsoft Security Essentials detects it as a VIRUS
  14. TheMost

    Norton Internet Security 2011 + MalwareBytes ?

    Hey guys i am currently using NIS 2011 since their release .. Yup they give a lot of false positive but their detection rated are higher too .. and they gave their policy of memory hog ! However i am using that for now ... I also remember Think Digit magazine -> norton 360 was the editors...
  15. akash22

    firefox problem

    guys many a times whn i m surfing the net my browser reddirects to i don't knw what problem is this . i have used many antiviruses to remove the adware but none of them does gud except for norton which removes it but after sometimes it again reappear. is there any way to remove it...
  16. ithehappy

    Any better Internet Security other than NIS?

    Well I am used with NIS for last 3 years, I like the software very much. But currently it's giving me some incompatibility problems with some latest browsers. Thus I am asking is there any better Internet security available other than Norton? I know Norton is very best at it's job, but still? I...
  17. Panchu

    Norton Antivirus or Norton 360 :-??

    I've been using Norton Antivirus 2006 for the last 4 years and it works real good. I wish to upgrade to a new version of Norton but I'm confused. There are so many products available now like Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, Norton Antivirus etc. Guys please temme the difference and...

    Recovery help

    i have my freinds acer laptop with me. its loaded with lots of virus,no cd drive. anti virus didnt install,cant get control panel.can access task manager,bt cant terminate processes. i have a norton ghost image for the norton ghost doesnt works. any advices?? is there any other...
  19. J

    With NortonGhost, HowToCreate ImageOf 'Installed Software Only'To Solve Wndws Problms

    With Norton Ghost, How to Create Image of "Installed Softwares Only", So that in New Windows, Re-Installation of Softwares can be Eliminated & Previous Windows Problems, like (Automatic Restarts, due to faulty Windows Drivers) can be Solved. Hello, I am very new to Norton Ghost & thinking...
  20. patkim

    Orkut not loading

    Orkut is stuck at approx 85% loading progress bar since today evening. I have tried with IE as well as Google Chrome, just checking if others are also getting same issue. I guess it's my Norton antivius that's preventing the loading..unable to figure out why !
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