1. Anish

    Help choosing between Nexus 5 and Moto X (2014)

    Hello, Its been a long time :) I am new to smartphones (though using moto g v2 since 3 months). I settled on the above two phones (n5 and moto x), but facing difficulties choosing betweent them. I am half biased towards both. [biased to moto x since i really like the moto g2 (except for...
  2. D

    Lg G3 or Htc M8 or Google Nexus 6

    Hi, I am planning to buy a new phone, I am planning to go with either g3 or m8 or nexus 6 . Nexus 6 is yet to hit to store (it will be available on flipkart) and there isn't much info about it available on Internet. I am confused as to go with which one. Please share your feedback about...
  3. akhilc47

    LG G2 or Nexus 5

    1. Budget? 25k roughly 2. Display type and size? 5" would be perfect 3. Dual sim? Not needed 4. Preferred choice of brand? Mainly trying to choose b/w g2 and nexus5, but other options from reputed brands are also ok. 5. What camera option you want (flash, front...
  4. A

    [Want to Buy] Dead Nexus 4

    Hi, I want to buy a Dead Nexus 4 for body(Display and Back panel/Backdoor) Display should be working and Undamaged.Backpanel should also be undamaged. Display is First Priority ,so If working and Undamaged Display also acceptable without the backpanel. Will pay:1000Rs-2000Rs Depending on...
  5. A

    Buying Nexus 5 is worth now?

    Actually my friend want to buy nexus 5 ;) And he asked me is it worth buy now? I am not posting according to Questionnaire. Because I just want to ask that buying an yearly old device is worth buying? Or should I choose another? (As per friend.) - - - Updated - - - My brother also wants same...
  6. T

    LG Nexus 5 or Motorola Moto G(2nd Generation).Which one should i buy.

    Guys,i am planning to buy 5inch stock android phone but confused between nexus 5 or moto g 2nd gen. Well,nexus 5 performance is top notch(no doubt),only concern is camera whereas Moto G used previous year hardware ie SD400 but its camera is good(acc to flipkart review) I am in no hurry to...
  7. E

    [Rumour] Alleged Motorola Moto G successor leaks

    Will this really be the successor to Moto G ? I feel bad for those expecting a little more. Moto G was the first one to challenge Nexus 4. That other phones began offering even better specs at a lower price is another story. But the question is, will the next version of Moto G be able to take...
  8. ankush28

    [RUMOR]Motorola working on gigantic 5.9" Nexus 6 codenamed "SHAMU"

    [NEXUS6][RUMOR]Motorola working on gigantic 5.9" Nexus 6 codenamed "SHAMU" SOURCE AFAIK they will release Nexus 6 along with Android L. What are your thoughts? So we can finaly expect *COOLer* Nexus :P
  9. ico

    Google Nexus 5 Thread

    anyone here? could only find the Nexus 4 people in this forum. I'm a proud owner of Nexus 5 D820 (US version). Best phone ever, except for batter life ofc.
  10. Cyberghost

    Google’s Nexus 8 spotted at India for Testing

    Nexus 8 google’s latest flagship coming to India for testing, a shipping manifest reveals. Google still hasn’t mentioned anything about the Nexus 7 successor, so we’re still in the dark as to who will manufacture the tablet, or what the price point will be. According to the shipping manifest...
  11. warfreak

    [Google I/O] Unreal Engine 4 "Rivalry" Demo on Tegra K1

    * WOW! There was another splendid tech demo running on Nexus 5 shared previously but this is simply PC/Console class!
  12. Chetan1991

    Xperia SP or Nexus 4?

    Which one to choose? Xperia SP or Nexus 4? XSP: Bigger battery, microSD support, OTG, getting it cheaper by 2k, but weaker processor and only 1GB RAM. Nexus 4: More powerful processor, 2 GB RAM, but no expandable storage, faulty OTG, and shorter standby time, 2k more. Have owners...
  13. TechnoBOY

    best mid ranges smartphone

    which is the best mid ranged smartphone htc desire 816 or grand 2 0r nexus 5 .............
  14. pratik385

    Nexus 5 Spigen case

    Hi guys Recently bought Nexus 5 32gb from US. I want to buy a case for it. Ive decided to buy Spigen Slim Armour Champagne Gold one. From where should I buy this authentic product? Is it available in any Electronic outlets like Croma or Reliance Digital? Thanks in Advance :)
  15. M

    What is the local market price of nexus 7 (2013) right now?

    I want to buy a nexus 7(2013). Its available for Rs.17,890 on flipkart (16GB,Wifi). Please quote the price if any of you have recently bought a nexus 7 from the local market for cheaper. Is there a better tablet available in the market around that price? My priorities are mainly web browsing...
  16. P

    Need IPhone Trade off phone urgently

    Hi there someone gifted us a iPhone 5s 16 gb space grey now I know iPhone is good but I SIMPLY DONT WANT IT IF that thing doesn't make sense then let me tell in little brief-once somebody gifted me a nexus 7 and it was wow on opening now I got a iPhone and here are my issues With IT! I...
  17. R

    Best cases for Nexus 5 available in the market

    Hi all, Can someone provide me the options for a protective cover on my Nexus 5? I am currently using the gadget shieldz full body protection (currently installed only the back cover protector) as all i need is a scratch free back cover. I am not so known or prone to dropping my phone...
  18. L

    LG nexus 4 - price and and is it a good buy?

    Hey guys.. does anyone know what price is the LG nexus 4 is selling in the market? and is it still a good buy?- its old i know..but I wanna buy a stock android phone with guaranteed updates and superb performance and N5 is out of my budget. Moto G is lenovo owned now so skeptical about that...
  19. R

    No Nexus 6 this year ??? - evleaks

    It’s definitely not the first time we hear that Google may drop the Nexus brand in the future, but we’re still expecting at least one new Nexus smartphone (aka Nexus 6) to be released this year. However, @evleaks is now saying that “there is no Nexus 6”, and that we should say farewell to the...
  20. A

    Bluetooth Speaker for nexus 5 below 3k

    Want to buy Bluetooth speaker for nexus 5 below 3k Can you suggest some. Which are louder enough in trains or bus for picnic purpose... And have sufficient battery life. At least a day. Speaker should be portable and handy. I searched on net but did not get good among those. I found similar...
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