1. S

    Need Advice to buy Google Nexus 7

    Hi I want to buy Google Nexus 7 ,i would like to buy in online ,but i want to know which shopping website is best .
  2. somulesnar

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus Launched In INDIA

    It seems Samsung has finally launched the Galaxy Nexus in India after officially acknowledging in May that it won’t be launched here, Twitter user @lastavenger spotted the elusive smartphone at a Samsung Store in Bangalore, where it is being sold for Rs 25,900. Samsung has usually delayed the...
  3. W

    Want to know about Google Nexus 4

    Hey there.. I want to buys Google Nexus 4.. I live in India and as u know, it is not available on Google store in India. But, one my uncle lives in USA, I can tell him to buy one and give it to me.. But I have some doubts. 1) As it is form LG, if something happens to it under warrenty...
  4. josin

    Android under 36k

    Guys my budget is around 36k and I am interested in android only. size and form factor is not important to me. should I wait for s4? Or nexus 4
  5. Kniwor

    [For Sale] Sprint Galaxy Nexus 32Gb

    I have on sale my Sprint Galaxy Nexus. This phone is about 6-7 months old. The phone has a Clean ESN with no problems. It is running Android 4.1.1 at the moment. I would prefer to do the transaction in person, and since I will be traveling in the time to come, I can do the transaction in the...
  6. S

    Nexus 7 32 GB:thinking of buying it,need suggestions.

    I am thinking of buying nexus 7 32 GB.I had gone through ebay and tradus,on both of the sites the nexus 10 is more than 30k(16gb) only.That's way too pricey!So i am thinking of buying nexus 7 but i have heard of some screen issues with nexus 7,is it true? Google Nexus 7 screen popping up from...
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