Which wifi dongle in Delhi ?


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Hi friends,

I want to buy a wifi dongle and I am living in Delhi. The usage is just switching from 3G to wifi dongle so that everyone in the family can use the net.

So I want to know which is the best budget wifi dongle with decent network quality....




You need only 3g dongle?
You need wifi adapter?
You need 3g dongle with wifi hotspot support(for internet sharing)?


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Your question is not very clear :

How do you access internet ?

1. Do you have landline Broadband connection like MTNL ? Or,
2. You got internet connection from local Cable operator / Through cable connection like ACT ? Or,
3. You use internet through phone only [ Cellular operators 3G netwrok ] ? Or,
4. You get internet through wifi internet service provider like Tikona ?


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I think Tata is the good and also it is cheap as compared to others like airtel, vodafone ....other than this, you should choose any local broadband connection it is much cheaper than dongle. For temporary use you can take one dongle of any brand.


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Tata reception is poor in some parts of Delhi whereas if you want cheaper option MTS is still very much a viable option for that.
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