1. B

    [music] what is your favorite album or single released in 2020?

    Any genre and suggest how many you want, as long as it’s from 2020. Bonus points if it’s from indie artist(s)! I’m really into darksynth/retrowave, so here’s three of my heavy rotations from this year of 2020: Mirror: by Dimitri De Alencar - dark synth, heavy, “Wall Street Hyenas” is...
  2. D

    Required bluetooth earbuds

    Hi all, I require a set of wireless headsets around Rs 5000. The main purpose of the earbuds is for wireless calling, music us secondary(I will have a second post for this), please can you guys suggest some decent wireless headsets that have a good call quality and, if I have to listen to...
  3. X

    Need help in buying two 5.1 channel speaker system / ht system

    Hi all! Need help again. :( I have to buy two true 5.1 channel surround speaker system to use with TV / Console / PC and Mobile via bluetooth. Most of the times it will be gaming and music. Treble, Mid and Bass should be good. I don't want boomy or overpowering bass cause I'm not into that...
  4. vishnov

    KZ vs Brainwavz vs Sennheiser. IEM below 1700rs

    I'm moving on to an new earphone and I'm torn between KZ, Brainwavz and one for Sennheiser. Please guide me.. 1. Best among KZ ATE, KZ ZS1, KZ ZS3, Brainwavz Delta Silver, Brainwavz XFit XF 200 and Sennheiser CX 275S. 2. Although I'm impressed by KZ, their after sales support is what...
  5. Cyberghost Private Music Torrent Tracker Has Shut Down, an invite-only music torrent tracker, has shut down yesterday, following a report in French media of police raids. The website, founded in 2007 and with an estimated database of 3 million torrents, was more than a music piracy portal, but also a recommendation engine and a place...
  6. rohitshakti2

    How to open Music Files & magazines Downloaded by Jio Using Another Apks

    Hi friends, I am using Jio connection. Jio music & video downloads files and stores them on the mobile. But when I try to open these files from another music apk, these could not be opened. Secondly I am also using Jio magazine apk which downloads magazines in pdf form with a password and...
  7. Jokumar

    Headphone under 1500rs

    Dear all I need headphone for my RedMi Note 3 I will use it for listening to music as well as taking calls. Music is my first priority as I have to use it for Meditation purpose, for this I don't have to hear outside disturbance. I need volume buttons as well as track change buttons. It...
  8. panacea_amc

    Sound card buying advice?

    Hello everyone, I run windows seven in my PC (8GB RAM). I use Kontakt with orchestral libraries ( East West Symphonic Orchestra, Cinematic strings) in my FL Studio (DAW) using the Kontakt plugin. I need a sound card with a low latency( using ASIO4all) for smooth playing of the music libraries...
  9. H

    Where do I get high quality English music?

    My friends are able to download high quality Hindi music from a variety of websites, and the quality is amazing. The bass is powerful and the music very melodious, even on their 600 rupee headphones. But I download English music and the quality is just flat, whether its 320kbps or Flac...
  10. jkultimate

    Is Bluetooth Headphones worth the price?

    Hi, Am in the dilemma of either to get a bluetooth in ear headphones or a 3.5mm headphone. Budget maximum 5000. Am a bass heavy user. Was using Sony mdr xb30ex till today, it stopped working. JABRA ROX is in my list, but it is bluetooth and I never used any bluetooth headphones before am in...
  11. A

    Afordable bluetooth dongle for Laptop

    Require for my windows 10 lappie,i have no installed bluetooth capability.want a cheap device which can play music from my lappie to my bluetooth speaker within the house or lest say the next room.something which is usb type
  12. Nanducob

    Control music play on one android from another ?

    Yo guys, My speakers are far away and its difficult to move and change each tracks.So i would like to control music play on my android device (Moto e) from my android phone (Moto G4 <3).Tried a lot of apps but nothing worked :noob: .I will be streaming amazon music most of the times, (no...
  13. V

    Urgent: Noise on playing music on Lenovo Zuk Z1

    Bought Lenovo Zuk Z1 from amazon last week. Problem occurs while playing music. When the display turns off or is manually turned off when music is on, loud crackling noises can be heard. Noticed this today itself. Google search on this did not yield any results. Any ideas on this issue? Does...
  14. Ronnie012

    Need mobile for official use 1000~2000 range

    I need a good mobile for office+personal use. Range preferably below 1000. Should have - 1.Looooong lasting battery life 2. Good sound and music playback capability 3. Good looks 4. 1.3 mp crisp camera if available Came across this one. How's it?(red one is available for 1200rs...
  15. K

    Please guide me to build home music/theater system

    Hi Everyone, till this date I was very happy with my Sony MHC-GN88D 5.2 hi-fi system (* But few months back the amplifier gave up and one of the front subwoofer's diaphragm is gone due to a little creature who was...
  16. H

    All Licensed Merchandise Now In India : Headbangers Merchandise

    Hey guys just a small introduction about our venture, Headbangers merchandise started out in 2011 in an attempt to provide 100% licensed merchandise to metal music fans in india We were the First Official licensed metal music merch store in India and now After such immense support from our...
  17. Anorion

    The Truth about Popular Music

  18. S

    5.1 speaker for PC

    I was planning for a basic 2.1 speaker for my PC , got some extra money and I think I could buy a 5.1 speaker for 6K (MAX!!) PC has 5.1 output - on-board (I am not an audiophile, so it wont matter) 10X12 room priority for Surround effects and sound clarity F&D F700UF or Logitech Z506 I am a...
  19. T

    Buying advice needed..... Seriously!

    Currently I'm using two phones & two tablets : iphone 4 8GB & oneplus one 64GB, iPad mini 1st Gen & Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I use iphone as my primary phone device & been using it since 2 years, i take it everywhere i go. I use it for calls, sms,Whatsapp, Facebook, browsing the web, Audio...
  20. T

    [urgent] 2.1 speakers around 3k

    Hi guys, I have to give a 2.1 system to a friend who is moving to a different city this Sunday. So please suggest a 2.1 system around 3k. He will use it with it PC for movies, music and games.
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