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Hi Everyone, till this date I was very happy with my Sony MHC-GN88D 5.2 hi-fi system (* But few months back the amplifier gave up and one of the front subwoofer's diaphragm is gone due to a little creature who was very hungry I guess :p.

I believe it's right time I switch to component based system rather than a packaged system.

Mostly my interest is in listening wide variety of musics and occasionally watch action movies.

My current plan is to buy front floor standing speakers and AV only.

Since I love music a lot, I am also planning to have rear speakers as floor standing ones as well.

Add 2 sub-woofers in future. Hall is 16'x14' in size and hence the 2 sub-woofers.

Ultimately in few years I am planning to build a full blown 11.2 Atmos home theater once fiber internet becomes standard and I can buy or download Atmos based films. But music is my main criteria.

  • For AV I have decided Onkyo TX-NR 3030 because that is the only one which has proper 11 channel speaker terminals available in India as far as I know. But not sure how good it does in music department and also not sure spending 1.5L in AV is a good choice. May be I should settle for 5.2 and upgrade in future? How easy it is to sell if I buy a 5.2 based one?

  • I am expecting AV to have Wi-Fi and support DLNA or accept music streaming and drive all front and rear speakers if the track is in stereo and not just front alone.

  • Any Spotify kind of service available in India ?

  • Front floor standing, I don't have a clue which brand to go for. Budget for pair of front floor standing alone is under 50K, not sure if I have to go beyond that but I am willing to if required. I expect these to provide good low frequencies as well. May be a 200mm (8") driver based should do ?

  • Do note that I am used to listening in MHC-GN88D which has 680W RMS and Groove mode.

  • Also I am not willing to get active sub-woofers and rear floor standing speakers for now. May be in few months I will get.

  • Other speakers within 2 to 3 years.

Please suggest which floor standing ones I have to go and if the choice of AV is right. If not then which AV is good from music perspective ?
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